12 Week progress report

The cats and dog were most excited with my recent blood work results. I have been using Huel for 12 weeks.

Here are the results

Saved $420
Zero food waste
Go to grocery store 50% less and buy less
Lost 11 pounds
Waist Circumference dropped 1" to 40"
See photos…First Lipid panel results are from before I went plant based in 2017, with Statins. Second result is a plant based diet. With occasional pizza/cheese/dairy/eggs. No Statins.

…Notice the difference in Triglycerides!


Able to consistently manage my overall health with little effort
Can do 90 min of exercise a day without Lyme symptoms remission
Good food while Traveling is not a problem and saves time and $
Completly satiated

Something finally works for me and is easy, affordable and healthy for me and future generations.

Be Well and Kind

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Thank you so much for the message Bill! This is everything :point_up:

Your blood results are amazing, is the 2nd set from quite recently? Sounds like you have made some amazing lasting changes to your diet and it’s paid off. Congratulations!

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Thats great. Second set is the results of bloodwork yesturday(1/31/22). I feel great and I think look better as well.

& your pets are looking very fine too Bill!

To be honest I’m not fussed about the bloods…but I love your cats.

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