15 quid off

Oi marky sharky @Mark_Huel is this more sharky behaviour. I received an email about 15 quid off for referrals in June. I have referred a couple of people and received 15 quid discounts but unlike the 10 quid referrals they are only valid until 7th July. Does that mean after that time they are useless. The 10 quid referral is normally valid for 3 months.

Thanks for the quick reply @Mark_Huel bring back Tim I say.


It’s all falling apart mate.


Too busy chasing the dollar and making substandard product to care about their long term customers.

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Oh boy, that sharky business never gets old.

Sorry, honestly just when I begin to think I’ve got the Forum down I miss something :no_mouth:

This is a campaign we’re running for June. The discount codes will be valid until the 5th July 2024. All the deets and T&C’s can be found right here - Refer a Friend and both get £15 off – Huel

Am I misunderstanding, or do you mean it was you that took the forum down this morning? Great work mate.


Probably crashed it by trying to remember his password to log on.


I missed this bit earlier. I watched Under Paris last weekend. I looked out for you guesting in it but didn’t spot you. What time did you first appear? I’ll rewatch more closely.