2.2 and offensive flatulence


I’m a fairly long term user, probably 70-100% huel each day.

I’ve noticed since I’ve gone onto version 2.2 I have very malodorous interruptions, there was no problem on earlier versions

has anyone else noticed this?


I’ve three 2.1 bags left, do you want to try them to diagnose problem better? :slight_smile:

I’ve had this with previous versions. Not tried 2.2 though.

Yes, exactly the same OP. Was fine until 2.2. Very frustrating.

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I haven’t had any flatulence at all, but now i’m starting and yes it stinks like rotten eggs lol
However this is my second order of the version 2.2 the previous order (still 2.2) didn’t give me any problem but this one oh dear, I did eat a huel bar to so not sure if it was the bar or huel itself but what a day man… :joy:

I have had this with all versions unfortunately :joy: V2.2 not noticeably worse… not sure my coworkers would agree :sob:


i can’t tell about the previous version but i’ve been on a 100% huel diet since 2 and a half months and smell has really been the issue. I ruined a perfectly good vintage chair with my farts and i still have to find a solution to remove the smell from it. No i did not shart myself. The farts are so thick, it’s stayed in the fabric. Even steam cleaning hasn’t removed the smell. Please Huel, if you read this, do something. I’ve read a lot of complains about farts, it is not a isolated issue.