2 week challenge - HUEL + 16/8

My Huel arrived last week and since then I’ve had one a day and think I’ve just about ‘adjusted’! I’m heading to Glastonbury festival in a few weeks time so that’s the perfect goal to work to to help me shift a few pounds!

After doing quite a bit of reading on here I’ve decided to go with the combination of Huel plus 16/8. 2 Huel shakes a day made with half water/half almond milk, a high protein main meal and only eating between 12pm and 8pm each day.

My starting weight is 10 stone 12lbs. Any hints or tips for maximum success gratefully received!


Sounds like you’ve done your research! Good luck and enjoy the energy boost


Want to loose weight or fat?
Want to loose it and stay lean or just loose temporarily?

What you want to do has very high chance to fail on long term

Why do you say this?

At the moment we don’t know anything that makes that statement likely or unlikely. For instance we don’t know:

  • Height, age, activity levels, BMR, TDEE
  • Planned calorie intake, from Huel ( 2 x 300 cals, 400, 500?), cals from the high protein meal, how big of a deficit?
  • How much Kerry wants to lose.
  • How quickly do they want to lose the weight, is the target realistic?
  • Is there any plan to increase exercise as well? If so, what type?

Sorry if that comes across a bit harsh, but I don’t think it’s very friendly or supportive to outright tell someone they are going to fail.

@KerryBalboa - if you can share a bit more information about your plans then lots of people here can give you constructive help and advice. Personally I’ve found 16:8 great for reducing carb/sugar cravings. After a few days of adjusting it becomes second nature.

Best of luck!

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Changing nutrition to loose weight is fine
Changing nutrition for reaching that goal but using food you won’t eat on a long term basis, especially powder food, is known to have a very high chance to fail

Learn how to eat well food you would eat all your life long and you’ll be lean all your life, and happy


I’m at my most comfortable weight wise at around 10 stone so getting down to that and staying there is my long term goal. I’ve done all sorts of different ‘diets’ over the years and have found the most success out of reducing carbs. 4 years ago I was 12 stone 7 and that had been my average weight for the majority of my life so I have got much more control of my food than I used to but can see the weight slowly creeping back on as I make unwise food choices (especially on a weekend!).

I am 38 and am 5" 5. I’m looking at consuming under 1300 calories each day with a deficit of 500 calories each day. I used to exercise much more regularly but have really let that go so am heading back to the gym, mainly to attend Body Combat and Body Pump classes and do some weights.

With regards to my short term goal, I will be happy just to lose weight over the next few weeks and am not expecting anything dramatic or unrealistic. I KNOW I will eat badly at the festival… it’s hardly going to be a healthy weekend away. But if I don’t lose prior to Glasto then I’ll come back bigger. And getting myself into this lifestyle to then adopt it once again when I’m back seems like a good thing.

I am happy to take on board all advice and to be told directly where I am going wrong here or what I need to improve on.

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Sounds like an eminently sensible approach. Doesn’t sound like you are setting any unrealistic targets or are trying to rush things.
You might want to look at a TDEE calculator to help you nail down your calorie allowance. It seems quite a few of us who are trying to lose a bit of weight use MyFitnessPal or something similar to keep track.
Huel is really helpful to make it easier to avoid bad choices of unhealthy convenience foods so can be really useful to stay within a calorie limit whilst still getting a healthy balanced meal.
I hope you enjoy Glastonbury and you get to the weight you want to be.

Thank you @Liath! I use MFP religiously, it’s a great way to keep yourself honest.

Fingers crossed for the Glasto weather!


So you eat only 1300 kcal per day or less?
It is very low
You should eat more and train more
You’ll get good and long term results

(I eat 3000 kcal per day as maintenance, training 3 times a week, I have lost my fat)

Yeah, go and see Idles play twice at Glastonbury (maybe a third time too - but that’s top secret), and jump around like a nutter.

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Actually 1300 calories a day is about right for a 5’5” 38 year old woman who is targeting a 500 calorie a day deficit. TDEE if sedentary is about 1644 so a bit under 1300 calories would be about right to lose 1lb a week.

Talking about your maintenance level and activity when you are a different gender, build and activity level isn’t hugely relevant.


Don’t lose track of the fact that everyone is different. Nothing wrong with a daily 1300 in this case. I did similar to lose weight/fat and am now able to maintain my new weight no problem.


If I did 3hrs intensive exercise AND 8hrs activity 7 days a week, I would still put on weight eating 3000 calories a day.
We are all very different ages and sizes so you can’t assume that what you do is the only thing that will work for someone else.

Also having an eating window of 12pm to 8pm is easily achievable long term. In fact lots of people only eat between these hours their entire adult lives without even trying.


This will be my 11th Glasto… I plan to do just that! And deffo seeing Idles, haven’t managed to see them yet so they’re on my must see list!

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You guys are so helpful! Thank you! Looking forward to sharing my results!

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Yeah… great live. I will be there too. I actually work on one of the venues they are playing at Glastonbury. I will be taking along plentiful Huel s I did in 2017.

Ooooh, this is good to know! Maybe I’ll take some along to keep me in check a little. Okay so… tips for huel at glasto??

Well this year I am gonna take some RTD bottles as well as a couple of bags of powder and a bunch of bars. 2 years ago RTD wasn’t around. I had one non-Huel based meal I believe, from my favourite Glastonbury catered (Manc Organic), and I’ll probably do the same again this year.

RTD bottles are easy to carry around with you all day and break out when you want a meal. Empty RTD bottles can be filled with urine and thrown at the acts you don’t like. Huel branded bottles being lobbed at Liam Gallagher may get picked out by the TV crews. Free advertising.


Haha!! RTD is a great idea. Not bought any of that yet or tried the bars but that actually sounds perfect.

The only flaw in your Liam G plan is that I don’t intend to be in that crowd!