200 Calorie Meals

Working in the emergency services means I really have short, frequent breaks and often over night shifts these don’t correspond to ‘meals’ in the traditional sense.

I’ve found myself snacking from vending machines just because nothing is open and bringing my own food to work just wasn’t working out.

I’m thinking of doing a few smaller, 200cal (45g) Huel shakes, but should I be using half of the water or the normal amount of water?

(I know this sounds so basic, but I just want to get it right!)

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If you are using half the powder, you would also use half the water. :+1:

Depends on how thick you like your Huel. Some people use less water than the directions on the pouch, some use more. So if you are happy with the thickness of a 400 calorie Huel made following the instructions then just use half the normal amount of water. If you prefer it thinner or thicker then play around with the amount of water until you get to something you like.

Cheers guys. I know it’s a really stupid sounding question but I just wanted to check before I get on to my shift and find I make it wrong!

For a regular day at work I make 2x 100g shakes, and split 1 across two containers.

Half around 9.30/10
Full one around 12/1
Half around 2.30/3
(All premixed night before and left in fridge overnight)

Evening meal around 5.30


i have a 200kcal sometimes

i call it a trendy half.

experiment with viscosity, ie the thickness of the mix, ie use varying amounts of water.

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Hi and welcome. I have 50g and I fill my shaker to the top but I have experimented with water amount and this is what suits me best. I also add a banana/coffee/caco for extra flavouring. Unlike other users who put their shakes in the fridge I prefer my shakes blended then I add some ice and drink. I also sometimes add some coconut milk as well. It will take you a few goes to find what’s suits you best. Enjoy :blush:

Thanks! I figured there would be some experimenting going on. I’ve ordered some sample flavours to my next order to get a feel for them, and I’ve already added espresso shots to one and it was nice!

its really thick with nut milk…

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