2nd day of Huel! I can tell its going to be great. Can someone verify my new breakfast and lunch mix?

So, an all in one breakfast and lunch mix, as follows:

100ml semi-skimmed milk - 50 cals
100ml fresh espresso - 9 cals
200ml water
3 tsp sugar - 45 cals
220g huel unflavoured - 910 cals

Total roughly 1010 calories.

Its quite thick, but nice regardless.

This leaves enough calories for a 700-800 calorie meal at the end of the day, hitting my 1700 cal total for weight loss

let me know what you think guys! Thanks.

I’m certainly not an nutritional expert but I don’t believe combining breakfast and lunch into one large meal is a good way to go about things. I think most people accept that eating smaller meals more frequent is better than fewer large meals.

In contrast to you, my target without exercise is 1600kcal so on those days I eat a ~400kcal breakfast, 2x 90g of Huel (lunch, dinner) and ~400kcal in snacks/fruit. On days I exercise I do the same but with 3x 90g of Huel with the extra one coming an hour or so before I exercise.