2x Huel Vanilla (New) Unopened for Sale

Quitting Huel and trying Keto. Does anyone in the UK want to buy 2x new, sealed bags of Vanilla (New) flavour?

What’s keto?

low carb hi fat diet basically.

Ill take them please, how much are you after?

Ah, no carbs before Marbs. I get it.

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@Berserker Ketogenic diets were first used to treat children who experienced epileptic seizures, but as soon as researchers discovered that it MAY benefit other people as well, the hipster glitterati were falling over their Kombucha bottles to get on board.

It’s essentially the same as an Atkins diet but with limits in place – avoid at all costs if you have any issues with blood sugar control/diabetes.

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I DM’ed you Benjames


I cant log into my account.

What date is on the huel?

I’ll check and let you know when I get home, I got them at the beginning of this month and I think they are good for 3 months.

Ok so it says Best Before End - November 2020 on them

BUMP these are still available if anyone’s interested. I will DPD them to anywhere in the UK.

I am interested, how much do you want for it?