3.0 vs black edition

Hi, I am new to the Huel family. I have just stated with the 3.0 chocolate, I think it will take a bit of getting used to, but it is ok. From a flavour and texture point of view, which is tastier Black edition or 3.0?

Taste is very subjective to be honest. Some people swear by the Black edition, while some others prefer the texture on 3.0. It really depends on your personal choices.

I strongly recommend that you put two scoops on top of the water, give it a good shake (I always do 30 seconds), then put it in the fridge for at least 3 hours. After you take it out the fridge, give it another good shake (another 30 seconds), and you are good to go. It becomes super creamy and tastes great.

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Thanks, i will definitely give this a go and see if it makes any improvement. I think on my next order i will give the black a try.

I personally prefer 3.0 chocolate to black edition chocolate. I find black edition chocolate a bit too sweet. 3.0 has a slightly more fibrous texture in my opinion, which Iā€™m indifferent about.

I think it is the fibrous texture i struggle with, but I have been putting it in the blender and leaving over night, it seems to be better fir me.

Agreed. I feel it goes really well with ice cold coconut milk!!