3.1 Gluten Free Chocolate vs Huel Black Chocolate

Hello all. I normally order 6 bags of Gluten free chocolate powder as part of my subscription. My last batch was delivered a few months ago and I am on my last bag now. The last batch I received was 3.0

Considering the recent changes on 3.1 formula while the “black” remaining the same in terms of formula, I would like to know what should I expect in terms of taste and nutrition value if I was to switch to black. The reason I am questioning the switch is based on the feedback I read in the forum. Some people are saying in 3.1, “chocolate” is less chocolaty, tastes more artificial, and more sweet. If these are indeed the changes, then I would rather switch to Black, but then I am not sure if Black also suffers from the same taste profile.

In short:

  • Does Black Chocolate or GF Chocolate 3.1 taste sweeter?
  • Does Black Chocolate or GF Chocolate 3.1 have a better nutritional value?
  • Those who tried both, which one is your preference?

I don’t do regular workouts. I am a male. I have a BMI of 24.5. My main drive for consuming Huel is not for weight loss or additional protein supplement for workouts. It is more to ensure that I eat “proper” instead of junk food with low nutritional value, and a better digestive system health overall.

Thank you very much in advance.

I think you should consider that as a ‘for the moment’ statement. Not sure when the reformulation of Black will drop but I’d guess sooner rather than later. Perhaps you could look to experiment with the 3.1 chocolate instead - like adding some UU to alter sweetness level and your preferred chocolate / cocoa / cacao powder / vanilla to play around with the chocolate taste profile

I bit the bullet and ordered the black version. Happy with the taste. I can taste the “sugar” instead of the “sweetener”, but tastes pleasantly nice. Will stick to Black, I guess.