3rd day and still no Richard the 3rd

3rd day of Huel completed, feeling great, more energy and not hungry, but or should I say butt when will I poop?
Has this happened to anyone else? I’m drinking so much water, what else can I do?

Are you on 100%? If so, it seems common that stools will be days apart, even sometimes close to a week

Hope this doesn’t turn out for you like it did for me when I started… 4 days with no dumps then boom, the floodgates opened and brown paste flowed out of me like water from a burst dam. Take care and listen to your bowel’s urges, it can go from 0-100 real quick. :smiley:
Settles eventually though.

Been 100% for a few days and I just had the “paste shits”… incredibly painful experience, sweaty like hell, felt like I was gonna faint. Does this improve over time? That was unpleasant, put mildly

Hahaha noooooo not you too :frowning:

I don’t know what causes it, honestly… First time I experienced it I was in a training course with work, had to just jump up and sprint to the loos. Seriously painful as you say.

I remember having more of a tendency to experience it while 100%.

Haven’t experienced it in around a year now, thankfully.

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No once a day, just at lunch at the moment, will then go onto twice a day but my plan is to stay with that as I have 2 young kids.

Just so shocked, as i’ve upt my excerise and water too

I’ll take it anyway at the moment, be it liquid, paste or bullets haha.

I was about to have breakfast & you’ve just reminded me of a trailer for a certain Brazilian film from 2007. Thanks for saving me the calories :wink:

City of men? Or what film is it I need to save calories :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Um, the trailer went viral; or rather reaction videos of people watching it for the first time did. I feel a wave of shame now, a nasty chocolatey wave of sticky melted ice cream shame & revulsion. Enough clues?