My third day with Huel


I’m on my third day of Huel - so far so good!

I didnt eat on Monday until the courier arrived at about 10am, I then immediately dived into my first 500ml/100g shake. I intended to go 100% on day one, but having read the forums I ended up having 3 huel shakes (500/100) during the day and an evening meal, squeezing in a 35 mile bike ride. My stomach had a little grumble late evening but nothing major :wink:

Tuesday I had to work, so 4x 500/100 huel during the day and a 30 mile spin on the push bike early evening. I almost had my 5th Huel to finish the day, but with the horror toilet stories still at the back of my mind I went for another meal. I wish I hadn’t - I felt really bloated!

So it’s now 11:30 Wednesday morning and I’ve just had my second 500/100 and I feel great. I think I’ll stick to 4x 500/100 today and have another meal, but tomorrow I intend to go 100%.

Feels great!

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Great to hear it’s all going well. Top work on the cycling mileage too. How did the 100% day go? Well done for easing yourself in.

It’s still Wednesday :slight_smile: - hopefully 100% Thursday so will post back on Friday.

Haha! Well it was a question for the future! Speak tomorrow.