4 Week plan for Weight Loss

Hi All,

Just received my 4 week supply of Huel, I am a first time user and using this as a form of Detox to give my body a rest for a little while from all the meat consumption and also with aim to lose some weight.

I will be starting from tomorrow 20Jan2016 and will be providing an update every Tuesday.

Can somebody see how I have done my Cal Vs Huel and let me know if you have any feedback or corrections.

Huel Calculation

Week 1(20Jan16- 26Jan16) weight = 88kg
2333 cal / 4.1 = 569g of Huel (Whole day allowance)

777cal = 189.6g (based on x3 meals) = 948mL Water

2000 cal / 4.1 = 488g of Huel (Whole day allowance) Week 2

666cal = 162.6g (based on x3 meals) = 813mL Water

1721 cal / 4.1 = 419.7g of Huel (Whole day allowance) Week 3

573.6 cal = 139.9g (based on x3 meals) = 699.5mL Water

1521 cal / 4.1 = 370.9g of Huel (Whole day allowance) Week 4

507 cal = 123.6g (based on x3 meals) = 618mL Water

if your on a calorie deficit at 2333 I imagine your already cutting calories somewhere around 500 a day?
so by the last week your cutting out an additional 800 on top of the 500 I assume your already cutting?

I’m not sure if you are taking your future weight into account when you do your daily allowances per week but it looks ok to me. I think the only reason why the amount of water is of any importance is to tell you how many bottles you will need in case you work away from home.

I have done my own calculations based on my own targets. I see the magic “4.1” in your calculations, meaning you chose vanilla flavour, but I decided to go on a 500cal deficit continuously on 100% Huel until I reach my target “weight”.

I say “weight” in brackets because I think the last time I felt like I didn’t need to lose any weight was at around 60kg. So what I’ve done is make a spreadsheet that predicts, based on the generic “500cal daily deficit is half kilo weight loss”, exactly how much Huel to use, how much water to mix with it (assuming 500ml per 100g until I find the perfect mix) and how long it would take to reach my target.

My spreadsheet says if I start on the 1st of March at my current weight, I will hit 60kg just before my birthday! However, 60kg may be too thin, I might decide to stop losing weight before that, but Huel will make it easy to control my weight by calories.

This spreadsheet assumes 1kg weight loss per 2 weeks with a 500cal deficit using the formula at http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html
It also has red separators where I need to adjust my Huel measurements, and keeps them rounded to simple numbers. I’ve also decided that my dinner should only be 100g of Huel because my lifestyle is the epitome of sedentary - I work in an office full time and when I get home I do my freelance work in front of the computer again - I have little time for anything, let alone gym. At work I will consume my Huel slowly, over 15-45 minute periods with plenty of water.

Having said that, I think my weight could be a lot worse. I’m not very fat, but my beer belly is showing my age. It’s horrible to look at myself in the mirror. I’ve had acne on my face, shoulders and back since I was a teenager, and I’ve recently developed lactose intolerance. Paying closer attention to what I’ve been eating to avoid lactose has inadvertently improved my skin condition - presumably because I’m eating less junk. I don’t get spots on my face any more. I think my daily calorie intake is around 2000 and I never eat breakfast.

I can update my spreadsheet every 2 weeks with my actual weight and see the forecast adjust itself, but before I share the file, I want to actually do it. I want to prove that weight loss can be converted into maths and treated like a puzzle game. Mostly, I want to lose weight, have better skin, have better sleep, and produce better quality of work by being more alert without depending on coffee.

If I were to begin a journal of my Huel adventure, I’m sure I would get bored of updating it before I even get through one bag. Forecasting and proving my Huel journey is (and there’s no better phrase for this) for science!

I will start my own thread one month into the spreadsheet and make it public on Google Docs. By then I will be sure it’s right. I don’t want to give anyone false recommendations.

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WoW! Your spreadsheet looks impressive!

Hi vahan, is there any chance of you uploading your spreadsheet for others to use please? It looks amazing.

Here you go: HuelForecast-Generic.xlsx

Just change the orange cells in row 3 to suit yourself. If you follow this like I did, you should lose a whole Kilo every 2 weeks. Update the values in column D on the matching dates to reflect your actual weight so that the forecast is more accurate. Also remember to weigh yourself with no clothes on after a number two :wink:

I found this spreadsheet very useful. Your mileage may vary. Good luck!

EDIT: I have updated the spreadsheet, see this post: The Mathematical Diet

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New to huel community. Sheet looks impressive. I will try this at least form this june…Any update is appreciated OP