4 weeks fat loss + tone (before/after photo at the end)

Always been fit, but after being in a toxic relationship for a long time (ended 4 months ago), I gained so much fat especially around the belly and on my arms. Kept telling myself I will start working out but never found the motivation until 5 weeks ago when I booked a holiday and told myself: that’s it! I have to do something about it, I was well convinced that 5 weeks won’t do wonders but I had nothing to lose.

I got a Huel ready to drink from the supermarket to try it out. And was impressed with the taste and the fact that it had all you need in a breakfast. So I went on the website and loaded up with a month’s worth of ready to drink, meal replacement powder and some if the instant pasta meals. I wanted to try a hardcore plan and see if they work. Only on some of the days I had dinner as a normal meal but pretty much most of the days I lived on Huel - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Started working out at home with some dumbbells and a studio barbell with plates, alternating upper/lower body 1h workouts. I have also taken Creatine and BCAA before every workout but also during rest days, and of course the protein shake immediately after the workout.

I have seen such a transformation in 4 weeks, like those advertisements I used to see on social media about “4 weeks transformation” that to me always seemed unreal and didn’t really believe it is possible.

I am talking so honestly here, have done multiple times training with PTs, but never got results like this so quickly! And to be even more honest, none of them EVER told me about workout performance supplements and no wonder why, they don’t want you to transform too quickly because they will lose you as a client, as a lot of people go for PT for that boost in results and then the plan is to continue on your own as not everyone can pay hundreds a month for too long.

What I will say to everyone is that in my opinion Huel products are amazing, however I would not say that by only taking Huel you will end up with the dream body. You have to put the work in as well, Huel helps massively, and my results are a combination of Huel + consistent intensive home workouts + performance supplements as mentioned above (protein, creatine, bcaa + pre workout powder).

Staying consistent is key! I am over the moon with my achievement!

Attached is a before and after photo of Day 1 and precisely 4 weeks later.


Incredible! You absolutely smashed that :star2:

Sometimes weight loss can be a real marathon (believe me I know :sweat_smile:) but you did awesome :heart: What was the go-to flavour to get you through?

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Meal replacement powder V3.0
:black_heart: cinnamon swirl (by far my favourite!)

  • banana

Instant meals:
:black_heart: pasta bolognese (my most favourite)
:black_heart: chicken and mushrooms (second favourite)

  • spaghetti carbonara (I liked this but I feel the other two are better because of the type of pasta)

Ready to drink:
I got all the flavours because I chose the 2 types of variety boxes and the winners are:
:black_heart: cinnamon swirl
:black_heart: salted caramel
:black_heart: strawberries and cream

Also got the Daily Greens but god the taste is just horrible. I had 3 drinks and then stopped. Trying to force myself to restart drinking it and at least finish this pouch as it was very expensive. Wish this would be improved in the future. I tried adding some squash (Ribena no sugar) but still tasted weird (like drinking sweetened liquid mud) :sweat_smile:

PS: waiting on a Hazelnut flavour!! :grin:

I’m not a fan of the taste of DG either. How much water do you use when you make it? Many of us find that the recommended amount of 250ml is too much. Not only does this weaken the flavour, but it then leaves you with a 250ml drink you don’t like that you then have to chug though.

I make mine with 100ml of water in small glass and mix it up with a spoon and then down it in a few seconds.

Hey Coup, yes I did make first drink as recommended with 250ml water but as you said, although taste was not as strong being more diluted, it was still a bad taste to drink so much of it. I did do less water afterwards and quicker to drink but so concentrated and intense that almost made me vomit…

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:joy: it’s not the most pleasant thing is it, although I don’t really hold that against it given what’s it is made of. I think I gagged a bit at first doing shots of 100ml but I’ve gotten used to it and it goes down easily enough now. I’d rather down it 10 seconds than have 250ml to chug though.

I tried to be clever once and put the DG in with my Huel powder drink. It didn’t go well and it ruins the taste of the drink then leaving you with even more to get though!

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Gives me major Nutella vibes!! :eyes::eyes:

All solid options but sorry to hear about the Daily Greens. Some people use various juices I this could work for you, I heard that pineapple juice is a pretty big winner :eyes:

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Good idea that. I haven’t experimented with juices tbh. I’ve also seen coconut water mentioned.

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Again another option which could work!

I did use that with the powder before and it was hella tasty! :heart_eyes:

Well not really Nutella flavour as that one is hazelnut chocolate. Don’t like chocolate flavour that much, just the hazenut if possible! :heart_eyes:

In regards to DG, isn’t it though recommended not to mix it with anything else? This is why I was saying it would be good for the taste of it to be improved in a way that it can be drinkable on its own as recommended

Daily Greens is best served shaken up in water, however some Hueligans like to mix with other liquids like fruit juice, or add to smoothies :eyes:

We only really recommend with water, but I don’t think we ever outright say its wrong or bad to mix with other things :heart:


Thanks Mark for clarifying, will sure give it a try!

Wondering now what kind of pineapple juice do people use, I wouldn’t want to add any sugar to my daily intake.

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I do the opposite, I’m not a huge fan of the flavour so concentrated, so I mix it with 800ml of water and it’s very drinkable. I wonder if that has any negative effects to the nutrients contained, though?

As long as you are consuming a full scoop the extra liquid shouldn’t cause an issue :heart:

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