430lbs starting my Huel Journey

Hi All. I’m 6 ft4, male and I have battled with my weight for years yo yo dieting, getting a low as 270lbs at one point but putting it all back on and some more. Lockdown has really hit me hard. Working from home plus having uber eats on your phone isn’t good. I was hitting 10-15k steps a day just in my daily commute to work.

Zero exercise, huge calorie surplus over a year and I am now the heaviest I’ve ever been at 430lbs. I “carry” my weight better than most as I’ve seen people who weight less than me but look bigger. I’m not justifying my weight as it’s really bad, i assume it’s due to my height and build. I’m getting married in April 2022 so have 10 months to sort myself out.

I tried Huel several years ago and I did like the convenience and the taste was fine. I’ve bought two bags of Huel black edition vanilla and salted caramel and initially I’ll be looking to have two huels a day (800cals) with maybe some berries on the side along with a main meal in the evening of about 1000-1500 cals. I don’t want to get too caught up in micro managing macros etc at the moment so Huel will help with this.

I’m going to give this a go for two weeks and if I like it which I’m sure I will, I’ll venture towards the H&S for lunches. Even though I work from home I still want the convenience of Huel as at the moment I’m just ordering fast food which is not great.

Has anyone been through a Huel journey starting out very very overweight?

I’m hoping that I can lose a good chunk of weight over the next 10 months so I can enjoy my big day and feel confident. Not to mention the physical and mental benefits of losing the weight too.


Get a vibration plate Argos…best buy ever for me…rated to 200kg…so it will handle you…

Good luck pal

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Good luck!

I am overweight for my height (5 foot 6 and around 194lbs) but I’m using Huel to up my calorie intake as I have a really small appetite and am very happy eating 500-800 calories a day (massive shock when I.workrd it out).

So far I’ve found Huel to just be so easy and useful and I like that I can.keep track of what I’ve consumed so much better.

I hope it all works out for you and congratulations on your engagement!


Hi James, I’ve just signed up for Huel, complete new user and like you would like to try and lose a bit of weight. Im currently 298lbs, & 6’1" in height, tried all sorts of diets and been up and down for years.
Im trying it to start with as a bit of an experiment where im replacing my breakfasts and lunches with Huel Black and the Hot & Savoury respectively. After integrating them slowly into my usual routine i’m going to run for a month or so and see how I get on and if the weight loss occurs.

Hey James,

4 years ago I was pretty overweight and unhealthy. I did two things at the same time:

Started having Huel for breakfast and lunch
Joined our local Crossfit class

4 years later I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been, and both of the above changes have stuck. I am getting 1800 calories a day from UU Huel, and training 5-6 times a week. In fact for the past few months I have actually be increasing my calories to start putting on lean weight.

The macro balance of huel is perfect for me, and like you say, it great to get such perfect balance without having to think about it - I am convinced that without Huel I would not be able to train as hard as I do.

Good luck!

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