A meal with plenty of veg vs Huel...?

Due to a change in my circumstances I’m having to make a few adjustments in my diet, and it got thinking.

One of my meals consists of chicken, sweet potatos and a stack of something green, normal green beans or similar (meal prep). The macros work out to exactly the same ratio that Huel is 40,30,30.

So, if I replaced that meal with Huel, am I loosing the health benefits that the vegetables bring, such as the phytonutrients etc?

It goes back to the banana vs Huel debate, but this is much closer macro wise, and nutritionally very similar, per calorie.

Thoughts guys?!

Lay off the Sweaty spuds.

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I’m sorry, but…


Trust you!


You know how much of a Huel fan I am, but I’d take the whole food any day of the week. Especially sweet potatoes, some chicken and a stack of something green. I can’t explain why, it just feels a bit more “right”…

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I know right! This is the issue I’m having…

I feel “wrong” swapping out that meal for Huel, but realistically does it even matter though?