A recent talk on Huel

I recently gave a talk on Huel to a room full of people who hasn’t heard of it before! I gave away samples and people seemed fascinated by the concept. If you want to have a look, feel free. If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly getting people ask why you’re not eating, or what you’re making…


Interesting, thanks for the link

I had a similar experience 3 years ago. Completely gave up processed food, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc. This was for around a year and coupled with intense exercise (obviously I still had the occasional drink or meal out, but only on social nights out)

I lost over 4 stone and became super fit, but the amount of planning for food preparation, increased cost, time restrictions etc. meant that lifestyle was unsustainable for me

That’s where Huel comes into its own light. I’m getting the same amount of nutrients but with far less faff, saving loads of time and at a far cheaper price. What’s not to like !! I don’t even miss eating food during the day, it just seems like unnecessary hassle now :slight_smile:


Great article! Thanks a lot. I’ve added it to our Twitter feed and will tweet it soon!

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Thanks @TimOfficeHuel!

My blog used to be a odd mix of IT related things and health related, this weekend I spent ages splittign the site into two.
I intend to spend more time blogging about my Huel experiments now, as you’ll see I’ve already put a second one up, so a tweet is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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