A tip for new people feeling nausea (may be controversial but it worked for me)

I’ve done my first two weeks with Huel and I’m greatly enjoying it. My goal is to have Huel has either a post-workout snack, quick breakfast, or an overall meal replacement only once a day. I still intend to eat regular food most of the time, but Huel is just a “once a day” thing, if that, for me.

The first two times I drank Huel, I felt some digestive discomfort (bloating, gas) that I would probably rate a 3/10 on the discomfort scale. I was doing two scoops of the Vanilla flavor. I really liked the flavor of Huel and every blend that I have made so far has been delicious.

So not wanting to give up, I looked at the ingredients of Huel. I notice that one scoop has 37 g of Protein in it and a lot of vitamins in it. I figured for the situation that I am in, that amount of protein would be plenty for one meal or snack. So I figured I’d just do one scoop of Huel as opposed to the suggested two.

Ever since I’ve switched to 1 scoop, I’ve been able to enjoy Huel every day with no discomfort at all. And the 1 scoop is still very filling even for breakfast (I can usually go 4-5 hours without eating after that; I have a high metabolism too).

I am definitely experiencing more energy in my mornings and I’m having healthy bowel movements. So I think the benefits are kicking in still.

TL;DR: if you’re new to Huel and you’re doing 2-4 scoops per meal and feeling nausea; just do 1 scoop and see how that works.

Which is quite simply not the case.

100g has 29.6g of protein according to the label.

One scoop total, however, is about 38g powder and 150ish calories. From the huel.com website:

in Huel we’ve set them at the ratio of 37:30:30:3 respectively; i.e. 37% of the energy comes from carbohydrates, 30% from fats, 30% from proteins and 3% from fibre.

One level scoop of Huel is 38g = 153 calories (Vanilla); 155 calories (Unflavoured & Unsweetened). A small snack size (a packet of Walkers regular-size crisps is 130 calories).

I should have said “1 cup”. As that’s stated on the Nutrition Facts on the backside of the Vanilla package.

Either way, most people are recommending 2-4 “scoops” per drink, and doing just 1 at a time works for me.

*I should also note that I blend other things with the Huel like spinach, fruit, Greek yogurt, etc.