All the problems

I haven’t been here for a while, but since I left, I’ve now found the forums linked to on the site don’t come back here even though this still seems to be the main place for discussing Huel. The website is sometimes in English, sometimes in German. The Facebook and Twitter logins are failing. The normal problem of orders being rejected due to not sending Germany is there, but this is solved by buying through instead, and when I try to order, there’s no button for actually paying.

Having said all that, the new ready to drink product looks awesome! I’ve been testing a bunch of these RTD meal replacements out lately, and all the ones I’ve tried had significant problems. Huel looks like it doesn’t have the issues that have been annoying me about it’s competitors. So I want to buy a bunch of course, but the website is really not playing ball with my plans :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a screenshot showing the primary problem. I’m in the checkout page, but either I’m blind, or there’s no option to actually pay.


I tried switching from a subscription to a one off purchase, and that showed a purchase button. It’s more expensive, but at least I got get my Huel order in :slight_smile:

Do you have an AdBlocker turned on? A few people have reported this but they have all had AdBlockers on, turn these off and try again and it should work. Sorry for the problems there, hopefully this solves it.

If you’re based in Germany, you’ll be taken to the German website where you will get a more localised experience. On the German site you are linked to the German Forum ( If you want to come to this more general forum then just head to

These have never been activated, you just need to create an account as usual or log into your previous account - you couldn’t have logged in previously with Facebook or Twitter.

So pleased you think so, what is it that’s particularly standing out to you nutritionally? Can’t wait to get them out to you!

I recently tried the Jake drink beta. It tastes awesome. If it were Jake powder in a drink, I’d be sold and buying it up in bulk. But … it’s not. It’s maltodextrin mixed with soy along with some other stuff; they’ve made it taste good by cheating on the ingredients. It’s not a bad product, but it’s not something I would ever use to replace a whole daily meal.

The Huel drink on the other hand appears to made from food considered very nutritious, oats, pea protein etc. etc. I highly doubt the Huel drink will taste as good, but I think it will be worth it for the significant improvement in nutrition.

I also tried YFood recently, which I think fits somewhere between the two. But Maltodextrin is still sitting there loud and proud as one of their main carbohydrate sources, so Huel is well ahead of that nutritionally too … IMHO.

If you could reduce the sugar content in the drink, that would be awesome. But at this stage I"m trying not to be picky :slight_smile: Anything which is consumable as a whole daily meal is fine by me. Hopefully your drink doesn’t taste bad, but even if it does, I may consume it anyway just for the shear convenience. I don’t like the Huel powder taste so much (or more the consistency), but I would stomach it if it also saved me having to muck around mixing up shakes all the time (laziness and time saving often trump my taste buds).

Yes. I’ve disabled it for now.

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