Any chance of upping the calories?

Hey Huel, just thought id check in and see what was new and it seems you have loads of new stuff going on, including the pot noodle style meals which look great!

I jumped ship about a year ago due to a pretty basic issue: calorie amounts. I need more calories per shake than the standard 2 scoops or whatever it is, but Huel is SO thick that adding more just created a slow moving lava style drink that was impossible. So i switched to a competitor with a thinner formula that allows me to create a 600 cal shake each time thats easily drinkable.

Reason im writing is because i saw one of your staff created a thread asking what makes people buy the “white” Huel over the essential or the black, which has the vague whiff of a phase out? Can i suggest you ramp up the calories in the white as a way of giving it an “identity”?
So black = the health conscious
Essential = the budget conscious
White = those who want to have more calories witjout having to chug three or four shakes a day

I still love your product and will often buy a RTD when out and about x

I was about to post “just add more water” like a git, but actually, I’d also like a more “compact” version of Huel. I wonder how feasible it is. Is the competitor product of similar quality?


Im not sure to be honest because I’m not particularly concerned about quality and nutrients, my priority is just get enough calories in my day! Its JJ, I think they’re okay?

As you say, of course you can add water but then youre looking at drinking absolutely massive volumes of water throughout the day which kind of results in the same issue of feeling like youve got to get through masses of shakes/water just to get the calories in. With the JJ I can make a 600 calories shake that has the same texture and volume as a Huel 400 cal shake. I would rather have Huel but cant personally face 3 shakes a day. Ive also tried blending to “lighten the load” but it doesn’t have the same effect!

Was just thinking that if they want to give the white a “raison d’être” maybe that could be it. A more calorie heavy shake for those who are neither budget nor really ingredient focused.

I wonder if you’d like Huel Black. I’ve only had it once, but it did seem less heavy than White. Main problems with it are the price, and (imo) it tastes way worse.

JJ are alright. I bought their stuff a lot before I switched to Huel, and I’ve had them a few times since. I actually prefer Huel because of the thicker texture.

I make 500 cal Huel shakes quite often. I’ll try 600 cal tomorrow just to see how lava-like it gets.

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It’s certainly lava-like. If you want to up the calories but keep it lighter than try mixing with milk or other milk substitute?

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Surely if you don’t care about quality or nutrition and just want calories you can just have a bag of sweets?

Have a Huel and some solid food then.

Don’t really understand this thread.

Sugar in a highly processed form is absolutely terrible source of calories with a significant amount of undesirable health effects. That might be a good enough reason for most to not use it as a part of their calorie intake.

Let’s focus on constructive insights for a meaningful conversation about nutrition and calorie intake, avoiding off-topic suggestions.


Wow what happened to the vibe of this forum?! Is it something to do with Tim having left? I find some of the replies on here weirdly aggressive. There are many reasons people would choose to have liquid meals, difficulties with swallowing being one of them.


Maybe you should just have some turkey and green beans?

That’s correct, ploughing through loads of sugar is a dreadful way to get your calories.
Most days I am disciplined enough to just ignore the many utterly ridiculous posts on here but yesterday I treated myself to giving a stupid answer to a stupid question.

Lee’s just pithy all the time. It’s his thing. He’s our own Professor Yaffle. I think he’s alright really.

The vibe everywhere is worse. We’re all skint and cold and ready to rip heads off. It probably is Tim’s fault though.

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Sounds good

Not for the turkey it isn’t. Free pardons for all turkeys. :v:


Thank you for your service :saluting_face: Now go touch some grass and get out of the echo chamber you have created for yourself. This isn’t the way to respond to something. You’re having a knee-jerk response to anything you don’t immediately agree with and then bashing it with a quick mildly comedic remark with little to no value to the conversation. Only value it brings is to the people in the echo chamber you have inserted yourself in.


Im not sure I’d call that pithy to be honest.

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I’ve got a lisp.


Good morning.
You think replying to someone that has said that they don’t care about quality or nutrition and just want calories with ‘eat sweets’ is not ok but your reply to me is?
The entire premise of this thread is bizarre.
If what you want an apple with twice as many calories, have two apples. Three times the calories of a burger? Have three burgers etc.

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You complain about things like this:

While yourself acting in a manner which is even more bizarre. Sounds kinda hypocritical to me. Let’s be clear there was nothing truly wrong with the suggestion of @Hdoyle. You’re just too eager to disagree with people for the sake of disagreeing.


That’s easy for you to say