Calories, scoops, Queal


So I’ve been trying Queal because I only need 350ml of water and get 700 calories. But they’re too fkng sweet. Huel is so much better imho.

BUT, I would really love to get more than 450 calories per shake. With Queal I only made two shakes and then 1 meal. And not only that, but because I had to use less water I wasn’t peeing myself all day like with Huel.

But again, they’re too sweet and I prefer Huel’s taste.

How many shakes do you guys take per day? Do you have any idea to increase calories and/or reduce water usage?

Thank you!

Why not just add more Huel powder?

Alternatively you could add other calorie dense mix-ins like nut butters, oils, avocados, etc.

Because then I have to add more water and I also want to recude water usage.

Good idea, I’ll try olive oil.

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I’ve heard reports that v3 Huel has a thinner smoother texture so you could probably now add 150g powder to 400ml water and it would be drinkable altho pretty thick. That’s 600 calories.

Out of interest, what’s the reason behind your need / desire to reduce water intake?

I use 350ml water to 100g v3.0. Works just right for me.


@Bodom Huel Black is more calorie dense so needs less powder and less water for the same calories, you could consider using a combination of this plus regular Huel if the higher protein content was suitable for you.

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I can’t sleep 8 hours straight without waking up to pee because of the water lol. That’s why I had to drink less Huel and eat two meals instead of one, or why I tried Queal.

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Seen V3 is thinner I use 400ml of water to 125g of Huel, I want 500 calories out of each shake.

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I’m interested to understand why exactly you’re trying to get maximum calories for lowest water quantity.

Your body requires water to digest and metabolise foods, and if you aren’t consuming enough water to offset what you’re body is using to deal with food… you’ll dehydrate.

One of the main reasons I love Huel is because the standard portions seem to balance the water requirement with the overall energy and nutrient intake. I wouldn’t want to have a 100g portion of Huel (v2.3, or 90g portion of Huel Black Edition) with less than 500ml of water… otherwise I’ll definitely begin to dehydrate just through the amount of water my body requires to digest and metabolise that much Huel.

Is this some environmentally-friendly effort, or are you addressing some medical issue with excess water retention?

Oh and if you’re looking to reduce water intake in a single portion, you can do what I do with my final portion of the day: split it in half!

I have a 50g portion of Huel (v2.3, or 45g of Huel Black Edition) with 250-275ml of water, then another about an hour later. This way, I’ve usually released any excess water from the first portion… and that stopped me getting up at around 2AM to take a leak.

We’re all different, though, so what works for me may differ for you.

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