Any suggestions on flavourings?


I’m interested in trying these flavdrops, and glad to see that they last a while. Which other flavours have you tried? And really - so potent in 550ml of water?!


I have tried chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter, peanut butter, toffee and maple.

I guess it depends on how strong you like the flavour and the flavour itself, as some are stronger than others. e.g. the peanut butter to me is the strongest flavour, whereas the toffee may need a few extra drops. I like the toffee the most with Huel though…it really complements the oath taste…and maples is good too…I guess like maple on porridge. White choc is a bit too sweet.

I haven’t tried any of the fruit flavours…some aren’t vegan and I don’t really like banana flavourings even though I like banana. I also just assumed apple wouldn’t be very nice.

There are often offers on the my protein site, or you could Google my protein vouchers…cos you can sometimes get 30 to 50% off the price, although do have to pay postage…so I waited til an offer was on and then bought a few at once.


Here is a link to reviews in case you are interested:


Hi folks. New to Huel and getting on pretty well (mainly to curb my junk food eating in the office. So I’m having lunch and 1-2 Huel snacks during the working day).

I’m all good with the sweet variety (although I tried half vanilla and half unsweetened earlier and liked the muted sweetness). I’m just getting into savoury, with mixed success!

I bought a bag of Tongmaster Natural Hickory Smoke Powder off Amazon, and must have mistaken it for a BBQ sauce flavouring. It wasn’t, and it was pretty bad! I think it needs adding to other ingredients, but I haven’t got the time or patience to try!

I’ve just had lunch of unflavoured Huel and a Knorr Chicken Stock Pot and it was pretty good. A bit weird cold, so I think I’ll try warm water next time. I might even be able to convince my office colleagues that it’s soup! :joy: I also have some chilli sauce and peanut butter for future adventures.

So my routine during the working week is probably going to involve a half sweet/half unsweetened mid-morning snack, a savoury lunch and a small ‘chocolate’ fix in the afternoon (with the flavour pouch).

I’m three days in and feeling great! I have a regular breakfast and dinner and don’t feel the need to snack on crisps, chocolate etc. :grinning:


A spoonful of instant coffee and a spoonful of cocoa or hot chocolate powder = delicious awesomeness :grin:


Had a great savoury lunch yesterday of 3 x scoops of U/U, half a chicken stock pot, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a spoon of medium curry powder, topped up with about 550 ml hot water (as you can see, accuracy isn’t key to me!). A mild, creamy satay curry. Yum!


FYI I’ve had quite a bit of success with liquorice tea — I say a bit more about it in this thread: How do you flavour your Huel?


Peanut butter flavour system would be amazing! Tempted to buy some powdered peanut butter from Tesco and add that in the meantime


I just use a tablespoon of black strap molasses. It takes on a good thickness and flavor without becoming too sweet, plus added nutrition.