Anyone here massively overweight?

It sounds like you’re getting fitter!

You mentioned earlier about your increased fitness, being active 3 times a week. Muscle mass burns significantly more calories that fat mass (although I have just spent 30 mins trying to find a ref. for this and failed, so lets take this with a pinch of salt for now).

Anyway, if my theory (I’m certain it isn’t a theory but can’t back it up) is correct you are losing fat and therefore losing weight but also exercising, so you are probably also gaining muscle mass. Thereby increasing your body’s need for calories -> increased hunger and chomping down more Huel.

My gut feeling is this is a great thing and the product of hard work and dedication. Keep it up!


Cheers Tim, appreciate your advice. I think I need a new car with more cup holders for my extra Huel shakes !!

As you lose weight exercise becomes easier as there is less weight to carry around, as well as the increase in fitness levels.

I’d like to think my body is returning to the lean mean fitness machine it used to be :+1:


Update: In the past month i’ve lost 4kg. Very pleased with myself and i’m positively glowing, everyone keeps saying how great i look.

I have dropped down from 100% Huel to 2/3rds Huel as i’ve now got a boyfriend and want to enjoy eating with him in the evening :). Still counting calories and sticking to around 1400 a day.


Well done @donnalouise! On the weight loss and the boyfriend! :slight_smile:

I too have lost weight! a stone since I started 3 weeks ago!


Hello! Hope you don’t mind me chipping in
I’m starting huel tomorrow with the support of my brother who reccomended it.
I’m 24, F starting weight of 247lbs (17.9 I think)
5ft 8 so I’m a big girl!

Looking forward to sharing my successes! X


And I know you will have successes - enjoy your journey

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I need to lose around 5 stone, stayed off powders that were not vegan, hoping this one works for me

The beginnings are always hard. I just googled stuff. Of course, there’s a lot of useless information online but if you take a day-two for research you might be surprised.

I weighted 14stone 7lb last year when I stopped training after the great north run. I went up to 15 stone 11lb.

Today, I am 14 stone 7!

From here on in, it’s all new lightest. also, 1.4 stone down, 2.7 to go!

Update… i’m now down to 110kg… down from 123kg in around 2 months. Very happy, feeling great too, thankyou Huel!


I’m living on 1,800cal per day. I started tracking on 18th July weighing 18st 8lbs and today (1st August) I weight 18st 2lbs. A 6lbs drop over 3 weeks, 2 lbs a week.


Nice one :grinning:

I’m also on 1800kcal a day, 1 huel a day and after 4 weeks I’m 12 pound down !
Very happy with the way things are going

Start weight 17.9
16.11 now :smile:


I’m 12 days into this little experiment. I was hoping to go 100%, however I found I was craving real food, nothing special, just real food. So I’ve starting having a lunch or dinner now. The amount of Huel I have per day really fluctuates, and I should probably get into a routine, at least I’ll be able to monitor it better.

I started off at 119kg, and I’m now down to 115.4. So I’m fairly happy with that 3.6km loss. I also feel great, and it doesn’t feel like I’m starving myself. I’m feeling fitter and healthier already.

I’m really excited to see what happens over a longer period of time. What I love most is that so far I’ve not had to force myself, and drinking Huel really gets me thinking about whats good/bad for me, as I wasn’t before despite wanting to diet for a long time.

Keep up the updates guys, It’s really inspiring and motivating to hear about your successes!! :slight_smile:


Great work Liam, so happy that you are finding Huel is keeping you satisfied and staving off cravings.

Hello. So glad to have found huel. I’m 38 F and 5ft7. I was 12st4. I started huel 4weeks ago. I work Fri, Sat and Sunday nights and used to graze continuously bouncing from sugar high to sugar high to keep myself awake. I eat about 1300 -1500 cals per day with family Mon-Thurs and 100% huel on weekends. Makes work so much easier. Today I weighed 11st3. So chuffed. Want to get to about 10st4 so half way there.

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Just adding that after 6 weeks I’m now 17lbs down
Really loving it :slight_smile: x


Hi Folks

I’m Paul, I’m 46, 5’4" and 16st 3lbs. It’s taken me 27 years to get into this shape, so I’m not expecting overnight miricals lol.

Apparently my ideal weight is 10st 7lbs? That seems a little low to me, but it’s what it says on the official gov website??

I’m awaiting my delivery, hopefully tomorrow and intend to start with one Huel per day. I hope to build that up over a couple of weeks but still have a balanced meal n the evening with my family.

I work very long shifts and haven’t been getting much in the way of exercise lately following an industrial injury in June.

So it’s best foot forward! Cheers!!


Hi, I’m 48, 5’5" and I would just love to get down to 10st. The last time I was the slim was 15 years ago. I think 10st 7 would not be too low depending on your gender - might be a bit low for a man but for a woman it would be great.

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Hi Nik,

I am male😀

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