Anyone here massively overweight?


21 pounds down after 9 weeks :slight_smile: longest I’ve ever followed a diet and loving how I’m now starting to notice the change X


I read the VLCD use cheap nasty proteins and other low quality ingredients, its not a healthy diet and I’ve never seen anyone use one and keep the weight off.

I am a similar weight to the poster who started this topic, 18st, 6ft, mixture of muscle and a ton of fat so I’m guessing a healthy weight for me 13 stone, or 70 something pounds to lose. That is a heck of a lot. So if you stick with it I’ll be here too, hoping I see some good results all around.


Hi Peter! I’ll be here if you need motivation ! I was 17.11 when I started
Now 16.5
Looking to get to 12 stone
But first target is 15 stone
Good luck (not that you’ll need it)


Hi all, really interesting thred pat on the back to you all. Very inspiring cheers
Will be watching the thred.
Starting my BIG long journey next week @ 5ft10 and 20.5 stone got my 4 bags of huel at the ready, just reading as much as i can before i start


Hi @TurboTom,

I am the same height as you and just shy of 18 stone. I was supposed to start gung ho today but I have been sick since last week.
Will be interesting to see how you get on as we are the same height, but most likely diff body compositions. Let the experiment begin!


Hi @Nimz_Varsani & @TurboTom
I started your journey this time last year, I’m 5ft11" and in Jan 2016 I weighed in at just over 21stone (294lbs). One year in and I am now 14st 8lbs. I only started to use Huel in September and found that it really helped. I am currently Heulling twice a day (2 x 3 scoops). Last year was quite the year for me, my advice for you both is this.
Slow and steady wins the race, don’t try and go for big losses, be consistent in your diet and your exercise. I started off with walking regularly (short distances at first, then building up slowly). Don’t get disheartened when you stumble and fall off plan (trust me this will happen!).
What I am about to say I hope you see as motivational (I am not trying to brag)…
This time last year I struggled with a 4 mile walk, was out of breath, my back was in agony and I couldn’t see much hope for myself in getting fit and healthy. Fast forward one year, I am currently training for my first half marathon (March 19th)! I am nothing special, just a normal bloke who got fed up with being overweight, if I can do it, so can you! All the best for the up and coming adventures!


Hi @Nimz_Varsani
Very intresting
That’s great news well done you and keep up the good work!! its great to hear your success.
I’m only on day one lol ( I did try one last night to try out)
Tried it with the Huel Toffee flavour last night and I can taste the Stevia, leaving a bad after taste.
Decided to get creative did a 4 scoop mix 1000ml water with some frozen strawberrys in my Vita Mix (Breakfast & Lunch)
Will be having a healthy dinner tonight (NO Beer)) to bump up my kcals as I realise that 4 scoops is not much, but as I don’t normally eat all day I’ve felt full all day, dont think I can manage 6 scoops yet .


That is amazing!

What has been your diet plan other than the 2 Huel per day?

Good luck with the training !!


Last year was a crazy year!
I started off going low carb high protein. This was sustainable in the early days as the only exercise I was doing was walking. About May time I introduced HIIT training, so re-introduced healthy carbs back into my diet for energy. By about September my focus was on a balanced diet which is when I discovered Huel! My main weakness was sugary goods as I have a sweet tooth, so I focused on eliminating refined sugars from my diet. This combined with the idea of not drinking my calories (sticking to water) made a huge difference.
Today I focus on a balanced diet, avoid refined sugars and stick to drinking mainly water (with the exception for the odd beer here and there!).


Amazing, we’ll done!!


Been following your thread for some time. Hope all going well and you survived xmas etc.
Are you still using huel?


@SteveDub @TurboTom
I’m back!
Steve thanks for sharing your journey so far, I’ve done it before slow and steady but never got past the 100kg mark. Feeling much better this week my man flu is starting to go away. Back on Huel day 1
Long live th vitamix!!


Hi I’m 273lbs or 19.7 I’m 5.10 I was 23.9 or 331lbs 4 years ago last I stay sane so I came to huel cos I was born with out gland in my brain that tells us we full so when eat soild god it’s almost impossible to stop I start huel yeadterday had two shake and big meal coming to 2500 cals lost 2lbs so today haveing 4 shake at 412 cals and diner coming to 1327 cals I do add veg coff and things to my huel with heLthy meal trying to get to 6 at 618 cals with 400 meal don’t think to go lower then 1000 cals a day that normal means 1-3 lbs loss have 9.7 or 130lbs loss mad chicken stock huel and a coffe there both really nice trying marmite ,pear ones tomorrow I love this I can’t belive for my 104 cals I’m full for 3-4 hours which great


I’m split mine into 400 100calls when make it I do 7 table spoon leve ish to 1400ml water I like it thin and smith I blend it with anything but I have unsweetened gluton free mad coffe which great and mad chicken it so nice like chicken soup try plain one next time I’m makeing marmite tomorrow and going to try making pancakes next day iv just had one and I feel so full only 104 cals and feel like eaten 2000 cals I was born without gland in my brain that tells us we full so this is crazy to feel so full on 104 cals good luck if want talk I’m here


You can do it I’m started day ago at 19.9 lost 2lbs yesterday with 208 cals if huel with 2300 cals food today having 1300cals 412 cals huel working on haveing as much huel less food I have plain flaver and am adding stuff mad chicken soup with chicken stock it so good making marmite tomorrow and panpacjs the next day will keep post how gos


Sound like you are mixing up some brave concuctions! interested to know how the marmite one turns out! good luck with your journey.


Thank you will post tomorrow hope your doing well


It was not nice sorry I though be nice


You are super brave for trying it!!!..instead just drink you’re normal Huel and have a piece of Marmite cheese!!! heaven, have you tried Marmite cheese? Amazing!!


Aw thank you yes very good but for me soild food is very dangoues I was born bbs syndrome where with going blind I can’t have gland we have in our brains that tells us we full so when eat soild food I can’t stop till I’m sick been trying huel in day meal night but just can’t do it so today again am trying just huel with fruit veg chicken stock coffe lemon flavourings But thank you hopefully when learnt live on huel will be able have meal as treat but it is and will be very hard for rest my life how you doing thank you