Anyone here massively overweight?


And I drank it all 2 750ml today was not as bad yesterday but not doing that again lol


OMG super brave…I will getting some unflavoured next month and I will experiment substituting huel into indian food, I have a few ideas already but just need a clear weekend to have a go at it


Thank you you can do it people I heard add cumin and chilli I’m not that brace if have and any idear low or no sugar as type 2 diabetic will keep post if try anything new mad granola with cinamon raisins abd nuts so good love here how you do good luck


Hi, first post. Awaiting delivery of 1st order and cant wait. (Ordered fri evening so don’t expect until tues). I’m male 48 and 5ft 8. Currently at 13st and obviously not happy about this lol. Have quite a sedentary life arthritic hip and gluteal tendon pain, so walking is a problem. I only eat once a day at dinner but love my wine in the evening. Thinking I will use huel twice a day to improve the quality of my diet?


Hi I’m just starting out on Huel and at 5ft 4 and 89kg I’ve a long way to go. How are you finding it? I’m thinking of going 100% Huel I think after doing the calorie counter I need 1000 calls a day to loose a 1lb a week, does this sound about right? I’m not very active, dog walking is my limit as I’ve got arthritis. I’m doing 3 scoops Huel twice a day with a bar for tea. Am I trying too hard, or does that sound about right? :blush:


Maybe aim for 1500 cals per day to avoid panic or starvation mode.

Weigh yourself every single day at exactly the same time, perhaps after your morning toilet trip. Log this in my fitness pal which will build you a nice graph. If you lose too much, step up calories, lose too little, step down the calories OR be more thorough in your calorie tracking.


Thanks, I’ve just downloaded map my fitness app and have recharged my Fitbit!
Thankyou for the info, this calorie counting feels like a mine field for me, am so not used to it but I am determined to really stick to it…I’m staring Disbetes type 2 in the face, so new me starts today! :blush:


Wise decision. A small kitchen scale is a Godsend!


Hi everyone,

I put my first order for Huel in at the weekend having spent an entire month researching, umming and aahing about it, then finally committing.

I am a theatre scrub nurse. I spend half of my 10 hour day running around the operating department like a crazy bee and the other half stood on the spot passing instruments.
I try and walk everywhere, either side of getting the bus to and from work. I make sure that I have a good walk on my days off.

I have IBS and I have discovered, since the new year, that I have no pain, bloating and bad gas if I avoid all green and cruciferous vegetables. I happen to love kale, Cavelo Nero cabbage,chard, spinach and broccoli, but they just cause too much physical distress. Also, the only beans I can manage that don’t cause me bloating pain are black beans. I mix them in with my rice. As I don’t eat a lot of red meat, I have been taking Floradix Iron and magnesium liquid and upping my dairy intake for calcium. I also take 2 Udo’s Choice Super 8 high count microbiotic cold capsules a day, and drink 1 glass of Berocca every morning I have rye bread toast in the morning with a boiled egg. Iced green tea and a cheese and ham toastie for lunch at work everyday. For dinner, if I haven’t fallen asleep on the sofa, I’ll have baked fish or chicken with rice, cooked sauerkraut and roast vegetables I can eat. I don’t snack in between meals at work as I don’t get the chance. I get one 45 min break from 13:00 every day.

I manage to drink 1.5-2L of fluid when at work and up to 3L on days off. On days off I eat avocado, banana and peanut butter on toast and my boyfriend cooks me healthy full evening meals at the weekend.

For treats I have Haribo, olives, almonds and G&B dark chocolate.

I have a FitBit and I average 12-15,000 steps a day.
I also do a Clubbercize class once a week which is high intensity cardio.

Go figure how I am clinically obese… I am about to come off a contraceptive injection I have been on for 10 years that my GP says has contributed to the weight gain. Here are my stats:

Age 42
6ft 1
Weight 14st 11lbs/ 207lbs/ 93.8kg

I think maybe I’m not getting enough correct food/nutrition portions. I need to lose weight that I just cannot shift. So, I intend to try Huel for a month twice daily. If I feel better and begin to get lighter then I will make a committed subscription to Huel.

What do you think of this plan? -
1631 daily calorie aim
x3 543calorie meals, x2 being Huel
At least 2.5 L of extra fluid a day.

All advice welcome.


PS. My main aims are:

  • To feel healthier and more energised ( I feel fatigued more often than I consider normal. On days off I sleep 9 hours overnight plus 1 hour day nap. Work nights I average 6.5 hrs. Had bloods done with GP and everything fine)

  • To get down to around 12 stone 8 lbs/ 175lbs/ 80kg.

  • To make Huel nutrition part of my lifestyle in the long run


I like the thought of Clubbercise! Is it all women that go though?

In terms of your calorie aim, I assume you’ve used a calculator to estimate your total daily energy expenditure and then subtracted 500 calories in order to lose 1lb/week or 1000 to lose 2lb/week?


Hi @ElectroDan,

Blokes go too! Google it for your area. It’s in the dark with glo-sticks, disco lights and rave music/club hits. The instructor faces you at the front and the moves are easy to follow. Take plenty of water with you as you burn 800cals in a 1 hour class. There is always a ‘killer’ track. Mine is currently the 50 squats that fit into Fire Starter whilst rolling the upper body and arms down and up again! There are some videos of it on YouTube I think. It is really good fun!

Yes I used the calculator:
2381 cals to maintain current weight
1881 for 1lb a week loss
1381 for 2 lb a week loss

So, I went for half way between the two calculations.


Good luck!! I shall be following your journey with interest!

Just as an aside: although everyone’s situation will be different, I personally have found that the number of calories calculated for me by online calculators in order to lose 1 pound a week or 2 pounds a week is much lower than what I actually need to lose that amount of weight!

You are taller than me, I am only 5’10", and I lose two pounds or more in a week on about 2000 cal. ( I also do some exercise, to get the calorie deficit to about 750 cal daily)

I guess what I am saying is, be careful not to starve yourself at the beginning and get discouraged, because that’s what I did for ages until I figured out what I needed! It’s better to start with a higher number of calories for a week and see how you do, then you can adjust the level up or down as needed. Good luck!



Ok @Sarah_Susannah_Berni. Advice taken on board, especially as you are a tall girl too! So what do you reckon to begin with, 1850? Perhaps better to start high then tweak once get into it.
Thank you :grinning:
Start tomorrow morning. Quite excited!


Ok. Will start at 2000 and drop in 200 increments as required.


Sounds like a good plan!! I shall be following with interest :slight_smile:


Breakfast. 4 scoops vanilla + 500ml water+mocha flavour. Whizzed up last night and refrigerated, then ice cold water added this morning to loosen. LUSH!
Pleasant taste and consistency. So good I kept adding water and drinking to rinse out the shaker.
Good start.


Hi Emma, welcome to Huel!
As a fellow nurse and IBS sufferer ( I wonder if there’s a research project there, lol, ex CCU now in educational role) I feel your pain with the work life balance thing. I’m also trying to shift some fat before I develop NIDDM, I’m sure its around the corner otherwise! I’m 5 foot 4 and was 89kg, I’m now 86kg after first week, that put my BMI very high. I’m doing 2 meals huel mainly, sometimes 3 if I’m rushing around, with a good healthy meal in the evening. I must say, I like the taste of the vanilla huel, I’m adding the cacao flavour shot.
I hope you get on with it, keep us posted. Happy Huellng! :blush:


Hi Susie!
When I read ‘there’s a research project there, lol’, I thought, ‘I bet she’s in research or education, ha!’ There you go! I did find it funny though :joy:, but have actually wondered for years why a study hasn’t been done, and also why hasn’t someone in the Weight Watchers / Slimming World / etc franchises not come up with versions for IBS sufferers??? Or, a diet for nurses?! Anyhoo …
I’ve actually started a beginning Huel diary in Experiences … Emma’s Diary. It will just be a first 1- 2 weeks perspective though for new users.

From IBS point of view, I’ve had 2 days of how I have fantasised a normal person’s gut feels and not my normal look like I’m about to drop a sprog bloating hell, which is strange given the amount of fibre that is in Huel. Although, I vaguely remember reading that it is low fodmap, so, so far so good. Fingers and toes crossed!

How are you doing on it? I’m seriously considering going full Huel during working week and I’m only 2 days in.



Hi Em
I only work part time 3 days/week nowadays so when at work I’ve been using Huel twice a day or three times sometimes. Initially I had a bit of bloating and had increased wind :dash: Poor hubby! :joy: But now it’s settled down after my first week. I’m really enjoying vanilla huel, I think I can keep it up for some time so have ordered a subscription and my other half has ordered the gluten free one to try as he suffers with coeliacs (when we cook as a family it has to be gluten free so usually quite healthy), I suppose if you can’t beat 'em join em! He is 6ft and slim
Build he was running triathlons and cycling but he’s had a few months off and just wants to tone up again, so nothing like my journey.
Lovely to chat, hope you get on ok. :smiley:Xx