Anyone here massively overweight?


Hi donnalouise I am just starting my weight loss journey - have 9 stone to lose so, like you, ready for a long journey. I have tried VLCD’s but they are so sweet and un-natural tasting so I wanted something which felt healthier.
Have to say on Day 1 that I’m not crazy about the bars (thanks for the freebie though Huel) - like eating a chocolate flavoured carpet tile, ::-):grinning: but I got it down - think I’ll stick to the shakes. I tried straight vanilla this morning which reminded me of runny porridge - not unpleasant 'till I hit the lumps at the end. I think I need to shake it more!! I will do two Huel meals and a regular low GI meal in the evening. Then at weekend allow myself the odd glass fo wine! That’s the theory anyway…good luck to you!


I need to drop around 100 lbs, started on HUEL two weeks ago and feel great. I LOVE HUEL! I scratches my sweet tooth itch, so I eat way less sweets, when I eat ‘real’ food I eat way healthier. Started going to the gym as well, I feel great.

Glad i came across this wonderful product, I guess I was ready for it. :slight_smile:


I am new on huel , i will give some suggestion of you about health tips :slight_smile:
Now , i am okay , not fat


That sounds like an excellent plan :smiley: I know exactly what you mean, as a gluten free plant based vegan and eating very little and moving lots I struggled to loose weight, I went back on Huel full time last week and dropped 4.5 lbs in the first week! Go figure… I’m eating more calories too. Good luck with it :smile:


I started at 32 stone 7 lbs (206kg), after using Huel for 2 weeks for breakfast and having 2 healthy meals/day i have lost 14 lbs (6kg).

I’m considering having Huel for lunch as well, but not sure yet as I enjoy eating.

Hoping the weight loss continues.