Are you a bad enough dude for the whole bag challenge?

exactly what the tread title says. 34 scoops 24 hours, this thread is only for the TRUE Hueligans

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I don’t think there’s many people out there with the desire to eat 6,800kcal of Huel and drink ~8.5 litres of water in one day but let us know how it goes.

I think the real challenge is doing it without liquid.


I’m up for this.

Sounds like A DODDLE, PAL


I can’t believe @coup didn’t suggest you for this challenge already. He’s such a fanboy of yours. I don’t mind tho…stops him sucking up to me. Gets tiring after a while.


I don’t understand why anyone would want to do this. Are you starting an alternative mukbang youtube channel?

Why do you think I stopped coming here so much? It’s a short road from affection to infatuation, to stalking, to becoming jealous of my dog and poisoning her.

I’m not saying you should worry, I’m just saying invest in some security lights, and maybe a gun.


Easy enough to do but utterly pointless

What you mean he’s invisible and bullet proof? Thanks for the heads up

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It’s not pointless. It would make you a legend. When you die they’ll be like, remember leejonesjnr? And they’ll say naw, never heard of him. And they’ll be like yeah you do, the whole bag challenge guy. And they’ll say oh YES, that guy. What a legend.


:x: Huel does not recommend/encourage this challenge :x:

But please share details, whoever attempts this :eyes:


photos or it didn’t happen. :flushed:

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Are you serious about that? The amount of flaxseed and fibre you would consume is huge - the danger that I see here is that this might result in an ileus, especially in people who have a history of prior abdominal surgery.

The danger for me would be my child size bladder exploding.

I take my second comment back.

Let your guard down there @Charlotte_Huel. We know you love a bit of gore and death, even death by Huel it seems.

I can remember a case where this amount of fibre-rich food lead to an ileus. But this will be primarily the problem of the surgeon that happens to be on call when you do your “challenge”…

I thought this kind of thing only happened in TikTok? Though you’d have to add a scoop of Tide or something