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Are there plans for a guide/article on the menopause and perimenopause, specifically diet/nutrition, exercise and lifestyle in preparation for and during. There is loads of crud and folklore on the t’internet, it would be nice to see something Huel related. All being well, 100% of your lady customers will find it useful.



Love this idea. Thanks for suggesting. I think some more articles around female health would be great. Anything particular you or anyone you know would like answered?

Maybe just the obvious ones like pregnancy and breast feeding. Something non gender related is protein intake for ADHD, I know someone reviewing their diet based on this. I’m not sure where the medical lines are drawn for Huel though, and where information crosses a line into advice. I appreciate these may be tricky areas to navigate legally.

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Thanks for that. I’m sure we have some people in the team with the expertise to talk about this. It’s something I know has been on their list but they haven’t managed to tackle it yet! Thanks for the ideas!

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