Augmenting breakfast-only Huel use

I currently have Huel for breakfast most days, but have other things for lunch (sometimes RTD), and ‘normal’ food with my wife for dinner.

The vitamins, minerals, and fibre in Huel seem calculated on the basis of four Huel meals a day.

Assuming my other meals aren’t as nutritionally sensible as Huel, how do I boost the good stuff to make sure I get everything I need?

Vitamins and minerals could be a once-a-day tablet, I suppose, but what about dietary fibre?

Ideal would be a ‘one meal a day’ version of Huel, or a powered supplement I can add to the mix when I shake it up.

Anyone else in the same boat?

This is not really how food is supposed to work and it would give people the illusion that because they have had their “one a day super Huel” they are now free to eat whatever garbage they want for the rest of the day.

You also cannot consume an entire days quota of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibre, fat’s and salts in one “portion”. Your body wouldn’t be able to handle it all in one go. Eating smaller and frequent is a much healthier way to live than 1 or 2 super meals a day. And if you consume more of a particular vitamin or mineral than your body can absorb then it tends to pass it out the other ends as soon as it can. This is why some people claim 100% NRV multi-vitamins just make expensive wee.

Huel being designed to be nutritionally “perfect” per calorie is the only way it can work.


May I just check something ?
How much of your wife are you eating with your normal food ? This could be too many calories ?

I have ‘normal’ food with rice, potato’s or sometimes pasta.
Never thought of eating, the wife with fava beans and a nice chianti … perhaps ?

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Ehmmm… proceed with caution ?¿


Are you suggesting my grammar’s bad, or that my wife’s fat?

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@JohnnieD I think he’s just jealous that your sex life is better than his


Ha ha ha JohnnieD

Not at all … I don’t know your Grandma :wink:
And I’m sure your wife is tiny … so you would need a bigger slice to supplement your meals

I am of course joking :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nothing else to say

Huel is not superfood is just food

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