Awful Reflux/Heartburn

Thanks for the ideas Dan but I disagree with the premise of your disagreement being that ‘simply chewing’ a solid food (like a lunchtime ham and cheese sub or a quick baked potato with tuna) makes it “the same as Huel” regarding water content, as the vast majority of prepared Hule water as I was saying. Maybe ‘simply chewing it with over half a pint of water in your mouth’ would make it ‘the same as Huel’ regarding the liquids diluting enzymes point I was discussing.

Secondly, consuming a Huel in 45 minutes is both more inconvenient than real food (missing a main reason for buying Huel for most people)… where you can eat a salad box in 5 or 10 minutes easily. Huel would become an unbearable chore… imagine consuming the 5 of the standard 3 scoop 450 cal hules I need to maintain 2250 of my 2500 cal daily intake by taking your 30 mins per 2 scoops… that would mean my 5 hules would take an epically laborious 3 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES of sipping, carrying and distraction from workflow to nurse to completion haha :smiley: Massively impractical given real life.

Not to mention highly un-satiating, as I, like many others, find it necessary to have the feeling of something in my stomach; and for well documented biological reason. Tiny sips of liquid spread sparse over 45 minutes will not cut it.

On a different note, the couple of hurlers who recommended omeprazole… thank you. I’ve been taking it morning and evening and indeed the acid is gone. I’m now slugging my Huel down in less than a minute which leaves me feeling like I’ve actually eaten a meal :slight_smile:

So all is good, I’ve been starting to work out too so I will ‘supplement’ my Hule with a food when my calorific requirement hits 3k.

Thanks again for the recommendations, see you all around.

Sorry I’m not really sure what you are trying to say here. Would you mind clarifying a bit more? 100g of Huel + 500ml of water gives roughly a food with 83% water content, a potato has a water content of 80%.

All enzymes need to be in solution to be active - this is relevant in the mouth.
When in the stomach enzymes are denatured because of the low pH and acid. In the stomach like any other food Huel becomes a bit of a sludge.

If it helps, think back to soup again.

Liquid foods tend to lead to greater satiety than solid foods: Soups increase satiety through delayed gastric emptying yet increased glycaemic response - PubMed and Soup and satiety - PubMed but again it may come back to the time frame that Huel is consumed over. Eating faster leads to a weaker feeling of satiety.

I’m really sorry to hear that Huel is not for you. I’m glad to hear you’ve found a solution.

I know from personal experience that sipping a Huel drink very slowly does not satiate me as much as eating a ham and cheese sub for example; this is extremely clear cut. Also many other users as well as reviews I’ve read have pointed this out. If you are unaware of this that’s very surprising.

If you are trying to imply many Huel users are “wrong” when they mention that they feel more ‘filled up’ and satiated by drinking a 3 scoop Huel quite quickly as opposed to sipping it in drips over your 45 minutes then, wow.

I don’t wish to discuss further with a person who claims to tell unknown people when they are full up and when they not against their own consistent experience.

All the best.

I think Dan was only trying to help mate but glad to hear your symptoms have lifted. See kids drugs are great

I think you’ve had enough.

Hi dan, I don’t mean to cause argument but could you please respond to ambivalentcubit‘s point about taking 3hr and 45 mins to consume a male day’s consumption. Surely I can’t be expected to use this much time to consume what would taken me an hour to consume of solid food.

This causes Huel to be an inconvenience food

Honestly, I’m sure where those numbers came from. The advice I gave was for those suffering acid reflux.

In general, consume your Huel in the same time it would take you to eat any other meal. Because Huel is liquid it can be consumed much faster, which may cause problems for some people.


just my two pence on acid reflux:

  • there are different types of acid reflux
  • omeprazole binds nutrition so you dont absorb so much
  • cannabis cured it forever, for me
  • acid reflux is a horrible feeling
  • rose quartz elixir ( a rose quartz stone in some water - drink the water not the stone ) worked for me, and continues to work everytime when i get a little flare up.

Totally agree. I lack the bits of anatomy to physically hold food in my stomach, so I spent years vomiting all the time, reflux, stomach acid in my lungs… all sorts, so I was put on proton pump inhibitors. After years of use I ended up in hospital with constant heart palpitations which turned out to be from severe iron deficiency anaemia. After this happened a second time, I decided to look into whether there was link as my GP swore there wasn’t.

With a lot of hard work making sure I was more active, got some weight off, eating more anti inflammatory foods, I managed to reduce the dose just over a year ago… not quite off them yet. I’ve not been severely anaemic in around a year now, which coincides with the reduced dosage.

Reflux can be controlled quite well with body weight and the type of foods you eat. Also sleeping on your left side at night reduces it substantially and there’s less likelihood of inhaling the acid into your lungs


I’d also add - acid reflux is also a common side effect of sleep apnea, presumably due to the pressures that are created in your chest during apnea events. If you think you might have sleep apnea, get yourself checked out (you can do it at home overnight, though not sure what the NHS offer, I just paid for a private study at home, in May, as the pandemic gave me enough concern about my health to finally get my bad sleep looked at properly). One of the best things I ever did. I sleep like a baby, and almost no reflux anymore, at night, or during the day.

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Hi @f0ld, I have a haitus hernia and was been awakened chocking in my sleep which is very scary.
I had to start very slowly with huel to find my tolerance level and all fine now with it.
I invested in a wedge pillow and touch wood have had very few episodes since. They take a wee bit getting used to but been so good for me that I no longer need to take omeprazole.
My 1st thai green curry was a bit dodgy but I now add coconut yogurt to it and no further incidences. :blush:

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My wife had mild indigestion and was advised to take PPIs by a (overseas) pharmacist. The condition worsened until it became clear that PPIs were the problem and even then recovering a healthy stomach acid regime took several months’ rehabilitation.


Drinking the shakes slower might trigger a more pronounced vagus response/activation and induce gastric peristalsis in the right direction … if you just drink it very quickly there might be no “preparation” or time for that…chewing does the same job as slow drinking, but if you use v3 without a shaker it should be possible to do something like chewing. Or add something to it that you can chew - doesn’t have to be much - perhaps this works for you.

PPIs do have positive and negative effects, that’s true. I would also try some other solution first, though…and consult your GP to plan further diagnostics…

So I’ve been experimenting with different meal replacement shakes, I originally had to stop using HUEL because I have an intolerance to sucralose,. With the new HUEL Black ditching sucralose I decided to try it again.

Now it gives me terrible heartburn, I don’t have this problem with the other meal replacement shakes Ive tried or normal food and it’s disappointing. I’m trying to power through it because I believe HUEL has the best monitary value to nutrition ratio on the market but this acid stomach is BAD.

Sounds rough man, so if it’s not Sucralose what might it be?

I have no dietary or nutritional training, but my first instinct is always so talk about fibre. Have you been getting enough and you system is adjusting to a lack of it?

Have you looked at FODMAP stuff?

There’s just so many things to ponder on this, I feel for you, wish I knew the answer. Take care and keep working on it bro.

The thing is I have been drinking a comparable shakes for the last couple months of working from home, last one just cost double Huel with less calories so I thought I’d try Huel again. It did not give me this reaction, I think it used monk fruit as a sweetener? I’ll check and compare the Fiber content and see how it looks.

Black edition contains more protein and fats. Maybe this, especially the latter, causes your problems. You could try to mix it 50:50 with v3. Or some of your other meal replacements.

I’ve been consuming Huel for several years and I used to take ranitidine every day to prevent my acid indigestion /reflux and this worked just fine but last year I stopped taking it and I noticed that Huel white gives me serious acid problems, so much that I can’t eat it any more.

Thankfully I tried Huel black and this doesn’t give me any acid issues at all (shocking gas though, but that’s a story for another time). After trying the new H&S I found I’m getting some acid problems and I’m gutted because I love this stuff. I very much prefer it over the liquid Huel

I take esomeprazole every 3 days and that keeps my regular acid indigestion at bay when I’m eating regular food, but Huel white, and H&S makes it seem like the esomeprazole does nothing

If you’re getting heartburn, it might be worth checking to see if you actually have LOW stomach acid. Contrary to what you might think, heartburn can actually be caused by LOW stomach acid. The stomach does atually need to be very acidic to properly digest protein, and Huel is very high in protein. If your stomach acid is low, the Huel won’t be properly digested, and will then come back up your esophagus and will be felt as an irritated feeling that can be mistaken as being too acidic, when actually the opposite is true.

And it makes sense that drinking a meal drink could cause this problem, as chewing stimulates the stomach to release acid ready to digest the food. When drinking Huel, the chewing isn’t happening, so the stomach might not be producing the required acid to digest all the protein it contains. Hence all the anecdotal repots of people experiencing reflux on Huel.


I second this. I was about to say…I had the same problem, but it was alkalosis that was the cause, and some salt (chloride) in my Huel really helped.

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