Bars discontinued

Maltilol = sorbitol

they are all slightly different - but if you see a sweetener with ‘tol’ at the end of its name - its a sugar alcohol - mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, lactitol, maltitol etc. I believe the previous bars used Erythritol.

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The lack of communication from Huel about the bars is a disgrace and has created a terrible experience for customers and makes no business sense. I have been a loyal customer since the beginning and have spent over £16k with Huel. There has been no communication about replacement bars and now they announce them in the US which is outside of their original loyal territory. As an original and loyal customer I funded their entry into the US market and I think I deserve to be kept upto date with new and replacement products. I am a senior professional who has worked with global Brands and Retailers over the last 20 years to help them create the best experiences for their customers. As I have no idea whats going on I have already started experimenting with alternative products and there are really quite good. This is absolutely NOT how to launch new products.


Like RTD I think the goal is to get to into retail stores. We are secondary.
And USA is a bigger, more important market.
The $ signs are visible in the eyes behind the lens as the camera scans back further and further…

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What’s up with the carbs? Is it 10 or 24?

In the US they calculate carbohydrates differently to exclude dietary fibre

Right, but it looks like they just put a 10 over the 24 in the image, doesn’t look right

It’s 10g. Not sure what happened to Jeff’s image but it’s clear on the Huel US site.

Product page
Nutritional info

Thanks. Think I’m going to throw some into my next order, pretty bummed that we lost the black complete bars… great macros for me

Possibly just the tiniest overreaction? :slight_smile:


I what way is this an over reaction?
It’s best practice and evidence based backed up with NPS scores.


forget your NPS scores, it’s your prose:

Entitled, much?
It seems just a teeny bit ‘me-me-me’, you know.

Also, the word ‘disgrace’.

& ‘terrible experience’. … terrible?!

Hyperbolic, comes over a bit exaggerated, but hey, you tell 'em, ‘senior pro’ :rofl:


On the other hand there must be a million companies who would dream of having customers gagging desperately for their new product launch, to the point of complaining bitterly in frustration at having to wait.

To be fair, discontinuing a core product, and selling out of the remaining stock before you’ve even announced the replacement is hardly a smooth experience. I buy about 8 boxes at a time so I’ve still got some left but ironically (given the changes to the discount structure), if you buy in smaller quantities you’ve probably ran out by now, either leaving you with nothing or looking elsewhere. You can’t even buy RTD’s online either as a sort of ready-to-go alternative.


New product launches rarely go without a hitch :slight_smile: I seem to remember some implication that the new product would be out by the end of September so I guess the gremlins got in the machine…

That maybe the case, but that’s not for the customer to concern themselves with. The customer just wants their food they’ve come to depend on, and having no bar, and no RTD at the same time for a prolonged period of of time, I think we could agree, is a terrible situation :wink:

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definitely not ideal

but no actual terror.

:heart: Your reply is much-better put than I could have managed :sunglasses:

I think most people use terrible now to describe a bad situation, not actual terror.