Bars discontinued

13g protein is poor as ones i now get are 20g.

Cheaper too at under 2 quid.

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No mail shot to me…

Yes, £26.30 for 12 ie £2.19 each, but isn’t that before the 10% discount? Would bring them in at less than £2 each.

£33 without discount
£26.30 with discount.
Dont understand how that’s 10%.
Maybe that’s with bulk discount too.
Very confused.

Isn’t £33 the one-off price? £26.30 on a subscription, less 10% for an order over £85 in total.
Thus under £2 each. I hope that’s right.

If you are disappointed by Huel there are other companies that offer the same products, often cheaper or with a better taste.

I have convinced some friends to use complete food products, and most have changed to the products of other companies after having tried Huel initially.

The only reason I see to use Huel products after the recent changes is gluten-intolerance and that you are looking for a vegan product.

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I guess it’s the new discount system? I ordered four boxes and then at checkout it applied an additional 10% discount to the basket total. (I guess that’s what @epicure meant – the bulk discount tops out at £2.19 a bar then another 10% checkout cut drops them to £1.97 a bar)


Is this language really necessary? There’s no reason to be a bully.

Don’t think I’m getting that. I really don’t understand.
I have a subscription order - mixed items for £150 - and taking off or adding a box of bars is exactly £26.30.
There’s no checkout it s subscription with my usual saved details.
@Charlotte_Huel can you explain please.

Yeah TBH maybe better for her to explain - I looked at my own order and at the cost of setting up a new sub when it then adds the extra 10% checkout cut so not sure how that works when you modify an existing one if it isn’t showing you the checkout price.


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Sorry just confirm does that mean the additional 10% isn’t coming off your sub? (after addingg the new bars?)

Thanks @amie_huel . I have a subscription. When I add bars it adds 26.30 to the price.
Don’t know how the bulk or subscription price reductions work.
I don’t checkout as my details are saved and the sub just gets sent out on the appropriate day.

** EDIT. Discount happened on first order email. .
But very confusing. Dispatch email says “one time”

EDIT AGAIN - and yes under £2 per bar

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All bar updates keep disappointing even more.

  • Bars kcal 250 → 200 → 180
  • Bars package 16 → 15 → 12
  • Prices increased. Compared to the old bars these are 30% more expensive.

And now caramel is everywhere. We know Americans love sugar, every food there tastes sugar but not our preference in Europe.
It was good when this brand was about healthy meal replacement and not about weight loss.


I don’t understand why we’re now at 180kcal either. When the bar was reduced from 250 to 200kcal it was because Huel had decided 200kcal was the perfect amount for a snack, and it was half what they deemed perfect for a meal at 400kcal.

I’m also hoping for some non-caramel flavours in the future.

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I suppose it’s all been market-researched and whatnot. Must be what the mass-market will most go for. Maybe a skinny 180 polls better than a nice round 200? I have no idea.

I’m sure this is true but it’s difficult to see why they wouldn’t scale it up 10% for 200 cal and 14.5 G protein.

I thought 200 was perfect. 400 for a meal 200 for a snack.

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Or as I used to do a shake and a bar for a 600kcal meal


Agreed, much like a “snack” version of the jimmyjoy meal bars

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