Batch and Best Before date on a package

Hi guys,
I would like to get some perspective here, or perhaps Huel could answer directly.
I just bought a Huel V2.3 pouch of somebody claiming that had oversubscribed with the best intentions. I have never tried Huel before so thought I could buy just a single bag, try the taste and how my stomach feels after drinking it.
It arrived today but for some reason doesn’t have the batch number nor the BBD on the package. Is it even possible, or am I looking at something that isn’t exactly Huel :frowning: ?? so disappointed …

Would be best to upload a picture of the back of the bag so we can see the packaging information.

the batch and BBE code should be on the back on the actual bag at the bottom right hand side next to the label. It’s laser marked so it doesn’t wipe off even with solvent, so if there’s none there - then there is definitely something fishy about it.


This is what I have got here…
Very strange, I must say :frowning:

that looks like a fake? where’s the barcode etc? this is a picture of 2.3 bag I have here

I could be wrong but at least should have a barcode on if its legit? the back colour on this is because its a GF version I think

What that on the bottom left?

Mine are usually bottom right:

material code for the packaging

Glad someone knows.

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Thank you very much for the above everyone.Super helpful!

I am just thinking now, whether there is a possibility that certain load didn’t pass the quality check so it was taken off the factory production line- therefore no batch number and BBD.
And somebody is just selling it off now…
Anyway, I learned my lesson…
Once again, thanks very much

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One for @Tim_Huel to look at?

Hey there, welcome to the forum! Thanks for letting us know. If I’m honest, the picture doens’t look like a fake - the pouch looks like our pouch (although not bespoke to us, so possible to get it elsewhere), and it has our label on - granted the label is an old one, v2.3, but it certainly is our label.

Now, it is possible for a pouch to miss the stamp and not be picked up, possible but very rare. I.e. since producing v3.0 there’s only been one to slip through. I’m finding out when our last production of v2.3 Coffee was to give you an idea of best case scenario.

My gut feeling here is there isn’t foul play.

I will add that to avoid disappointment then order directly from You clearly knew it wasn’t, but seems relevant to say that we don’t sell Huel Powder anywhere else other than domains. I.e. not on Amazon or in stores. Bars and RTD are available in select stores like Sainsbury’s, Monoprix, BP and a few others.

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Thanks for that Tim, I appreciate your comment and your time. As I said above- I learned my lesson. Having a stomach problem, I just found it so convenient to purchase just one bag to try.
Much appreciated!

No problem. I’ve just chatted with Dan J in the ops team and he’s let me know that that particular label (a non-barcode, v2.3 label) stopped being produced in July 2018. We would have continued to sell those pouches for 3-4 months after, but best case scenario is that your pouch reached it’s best before in July 2019.

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