Batch Freezing

After using Huel ready to drink for a while I recently took delivery of some Huel powder and a blender in a hope to save some cash and the environment!
But the combination of cleaning out said blender every day and the fact that thanks to my working hours it’s usually gone 8pm by the time I’m blending the next days meals, when I’m very aware of how loud the blender is, sure my neighbours may grow tired of that - got me wondering could I do a weeks worth of meal prep at the weekend and freeze it? Thawing out in the fridge overnight as needed.
Has/Does anyone else do this? Haven’t found any other threads that really answer the question of freezing. Just afraid it will affect the taste/texture/nutritional value :thinking:
Any advice would be appreciated!

First things first, have you tried making it without the blender? I got tired of cleaning a blender so I just stopped using it, but I realise a lot of people don’t like Huel that’s only been shaken.

I’d also like to reassure you that running a blender for the very short time it takes to blend Huel, at 8-9pm, isn’t as annoying as you think it is. Seriously it takes, what, 30 seconds?

I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologise for not being able to answer your actual question.


Yeah seriously I was self conscious about the loud shaking of my Huel for 10 seconds each time I made one, but really we’re a million times better than those people who reheat really dodgy food in the kitchen and stink out the whole office for the afternoon


I tried it without a blender a while back and was not a fan, hence using ready to drink! Even going from ready to drink to blended has taken getting used to the texture and taste. But after an 11 hour shift I could do without the blending/cleaning every night.

It probably isn’t as annoying as I think it is to the neighbours but one side have a young kid and I’m assuming 8-9pm is past her bed time haha.

You could try playing incredibly loud music between 8-10pm. Then when you blend your Huel they won’t even notice.


This is definitely plan B if freezing is a no go :joy:

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I think you should just try it. Google how to freeze porridge, do that, then report back. Because I don’t recall anyone ever mentioning that they freeze their Huel. You could be the frozen Huel guru!


The similarity of frozen Huel and frozen porridge hadn’t even crossed my mind! :exploding_head:
After a quick Google it seems like it should be okay… if it’s good enough for Nigella then it’s good enough for me… I’ll do a trial over the weekend and post the results!


Yessssss. Another victim for science!

Victory. I mean victory…


I have on occasions frozen my Huel, in fact I have one in the freezer right now. Based on what I have heard about freezing fresh produce, very few nutrients are lost in the freezing process, so could work for you. I actually use empty Huel RTD bottles to freeze it in, and it works fine. I don’t actually make batches to freeze but if one day something happens and I am unable to drink one of my Huels within 24 hours (in fridge) I will freeze it.

just be careful reusing PET bottles like this - they are not really designed for it - they can be reused in a like for like basis but if you ever detect a noticeable plastic background taste in the drink you should stop using that bottle immediately as that indicates the polyethylene is starting to break down and migrating into the liquid. The euro spec bottles that are made from HDPE can be reused safely.

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I remember a thread about someone freezing huel, I’ll try and find it

Edit: found it :arrow_double_down:
[Freeze huel powder]

it seems @ChristinaT has freezing experience?

Ah yes, I do remember you mentioning that before. I do use them just a few times, I’ll bear that in mind tho…ta.

Hmm I always blend mine too the night before, but between 9pm - 10pm. I usually thought about my neighbours as well, but since I have a new one (well, 2 years) above me and one next to me that are very loud with everything they do and don’t care what time it is when they make a lot of noise. And it’s always like when one starts the other one reacts, so I don’t care any more. Besides it’s only 60 sec… and I still do it before 11pm, the legal limit.