Freeze huel powder

I presume this has been answered, but I could not find an answer when I searched.

I use huel occasionally and like to have to option for all tastes. Even though the shelf life is long I would not use all within 6 months. So can I repack the huel powder to smaller bags and freeze them to extend shelf life?

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I don’t think freezing them will help much… but I’m not an expert. I have resealed open bags that have lasted longer than 6 months and the Huel was still fine

Freesing stuff in general helps with the shelf life so it doesn’t make sense that freezing the powder wouldn’t help

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I should think you could probably freeze it if your freezer can hold a consistent low temperature (don’t use an old one that’s likely to vary the temp or build up frost).
Some of the vitamins may lose a little of their nutrition but it would keep the powder safe to consume.
Make sure you seal it in clean airtight containers first.

I’ve frozen huel after making it with water and that stored surprisingly well - so I should think the powder should be ok to freeze too.

@JamesCollier might be able to comment on any possible nutrient or vitamin loss. Some of the nutrients might be less stable at low temperatures (?)


I’ve never actually looked into freezing Huel Powder. I’m not sure why there would be any benefit.

@JamesCollier I think @Vinaren is asking because he has some opened pouches, and is wondering if freezing it would extend its life.
I know you can freeze ground oats for this reason. I’m not sure about the other ingredients but I can’t see why not.


I think storing it in a vaccuum cointainer or pouch in the dark is a better and more eco-friendly way to store it long-time, even if opened already.


I found out that my body really likes this stuff. It is a safe food for me when I mess up, due to intolerances. I will be moving abroad to a place that does not normally get huel deliviered.
Then I probably have to bulk up well, if I can get it through custom, but I think so, does not look like restricted.
So extending it as long as possible would be helpful.

But also info on opened batches right now.

vacuum containers (maybe frozen :grinning:) is a good option to. Thanks for that advice

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