Beanies Coffee + Huel

Not so much a recipe but a recommendation :grin:

I really enjoy Beanies flavoured coffee and have discovered it works brilliantly with my vanilla Huel.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Beanies they make instant and full bean / ground coffee in a bunch of delicious flavours but the best part is they don’t use any sugar or sweetener as they infuse the coffee.

From their website link
How do you add flavour?
We infuse our coffee with flavour using innovative technology. Unlike other flavour coffee producers who ‘coat’ the granules, at Beanies we ‘infuse’ them with the finest quality flavouring.
No sugar, no chemicals – just a whole load of Beanies goodness!
Does Beanies contain sugar?
Nope, not a drop. Although it tastes sweet Beanies doesn’t contain sugar or any derivatives such as dextrose, fructose and lactose or artificial sweeteners or syrups.

You can buy online from their website but I have seen their instant coffee in Tesco and Sainsbury’s before (that’s where I first discovered them!)

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