I like my huel sweeter than it already is?

Hi, I’m pretty new to all this. I don’t know if I have a massive sweet tooth but my new favourite huel recipe is 2 x coffee 2.3 scoops and 1 2.3 vanilla scoop with 3-4 added sweeteners that I use in my regular coffee. Anyone else like their huel sweeter than it already is?
My new recipe tastes like a lovely thick vanilla latte since I keep it in the fridge over night!

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Well it’s simple, your tongue is pretty damn spoiled in terms of sweetness.

Try “resetting” by not pumping tons of sugar/sweetener into you, especially never short in time before having Huel.

Or well, if you are confident the sweetener don’t do you any harm might as well use them then. Sugar is the unhealthy one, really.

Yeah I’m probably so used to having sweet cereal and a sweet coffee for breakfast that my tongue doesn’t know any different. I just feel as if it’s really difficult to get down unless it tastes as sweet as possible which my tongue obviously wants :joy::joy: I’m sure that the sweetener doesn’t do much harm, certainly not as much as my previous diet did!!

I also have a sweet tooth. I make it more sweet by adding a ripe banana or some maple syrup or double the amount of flavour boost :see_no_evil:

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I’ve been really enjoying the coffee and vanilla recipe I have up the top for the last few days :slight_smile: I just pop a few sweeteners in my water and shake it up till its dissolved then make my huel as normal! Tastes like a thick ice cold oaty frappe after letting it chill in the fridge over night :drooling_face::drooling_face: Beats weetabix by far

I use the sugar free coffee syrups in my huel- game changer and not adding any calories, you only need a ‘glug’. Hazelnut is my fave