Been away, whats changed, where to start..again?

Havent been here a while, was only a novice last time I was here but determined to make more of an effort this time, struggling daytimes with meals, always resorting to snacks etc, so thought instead of trying to go all in on Huel, I’d start off again just with 2 meals in the daytime, and a normal meal in an evening.

Last time I just used vanilla, and coffee

Are there any recommendations of flavour boosts to use?
Any better containers than the Huel one that’s supplied?

Is V3 so bad? Or should I use the Outlet to stick with V2.x for the time being?

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Gingerbread flavour! And I think the Huel bags are good enough that using another container isn’t worth it. If you need them to look neat on the countertop, make sure you buy a container that isn’t transparent because light makes it go bad.

I think most of us have transitioned to v3 with no problems. Some people really don’t like it but there’s no reason you shouldn’t try it.

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I second the ginger bread recommendation. I think it is regarded as very good by a majority here. And it is a limited edition, so may not be around forever.

My second recommendation would be the trial pack of flavours, since all of them have been changed, generally are less sweet than earlier, but there are also changes in the flavours themselves. Apple cinnamon is my personal no. 2, but tastes of people vary.

The outlet has reduced prices considerably now (I am only guessing this is the case in your country, too), so I decided to make use of this and stick with 2.3 for the moment.


Cheers I might have a look at the gingerbread flavouring.

By container I meant the actual shaker, never found the huel one that good, mainly because the actual cover never stayed down when drinking

You mean it leaks? The shakers are pretty cheap and crappy but I haven’t had a leak.

That annoying part where the cap for the lid gets right in your face when drinking it, even tilting it to the side is still annoying, would love to find a bette breaker from somewhere else

Don’t leave it flopping around. When you hold the shaker you can bend the flappy bit right back and put your hand over it.

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Seems designed to flick a droplet on the nose.

Yeah all i do is put one finger over the cap and hold it against the shaker, problem solved.

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I ended up with one of these because I bought their Flav Drops:

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Has it? The price has gone up £5 for v2.3 on the UK outlet website as far as I can see

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I don’t use the UK-shop, but the german-speaking one. It’s a minus of 30% there. So it seems to be different depending on the countries.

Like decent but quite a bit smaller, suppose I could just buy 2

Nah it’s different, but not bad. Reminds me of the way 2.0 was initially received before subsequently being loved when it updated to 2.1. Worth giving a try at least.

Kelp was added (which meant a warning about Shrodinger’s Crustaceans appeared on the label because they might be present but also absolutely weren’t) but that’s since been removed along with the kelp brought it.

Huel Black is low carb and lovely, though vanilla is significantly nicer than chocolate.

Some ingredients have been replaced with “natural” counterparts, make of that what you will.

You mean the Powder Preblends? Or the Flavour Boosts? If the Flavour Boosts then this taster pack exists, but might just be out of stock at the moment, but will be back as soon as possible.

Key changes to v3.0 are here!

When it comes to V3 mint chocolate was nice, but a bit to minty for me, banana tasted almost exactly the same as v2.3 if not just a bit smoother.

I meant the flavour boosts.

OK great, sorry that it’s just gone out of stock. They should be back soon and you can sample our 10 permanent flavours.

Salted caramel!

My out and out favourite!

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