Before and afters

I love these!!! Please post all your lovely before and afters to spur me on. Just about to finish my first week won’t be weighing again until tomorrow morning because weighing fucks with my head (dysmorphia and ex bulimic)

My start weight is 80kgs height 5ft 7in my goal is 65kgs. I run and occasionally lift some weights but only when I can, being a single mum makes it hard due to time and general bloody exhaustion. Oh I also have fibromyalgia so most of the time I’m just to bloody sore.

Il post a before pic soon just need to work up the courage.

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Before and after Huel for some months. The joy is due to feeling nutritionally complete.

BTW some users have been making a thread with their weight loss challenge, could be interesting to make a compilation with all their photos

Haha great success.

Definitely. I do feel great already but who knows if I’m doing it right to lose as I know it’s not really designed for that.

So long as you’re eating about 500 calories per day below your TDEE then you should stand to lose about a pound a week. Females shouldn’t drop below 1200 calories a day and males not below 1500.

I’m using huel only and eating 1800 calories of it per day, seeing some pretty respectable and steady weight loss.

Best of luck :grinning:

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Il need all the luck. I think Iv lost but il see what scale is saying tomorrow

We have similar starting weights and goal weights! I’m coming to the end of week 3 and loving Huel.

Yaaaay. I can’t say I love the taste but loved my first weeks results let’s hope for much the same this week.

What’s your go to, any hints and tips or general gripes?

You do acquire the taste over time. I now look forward to my evening mocha+chocolate (black edition) every day afternoon heh.

And the salted caramel bars have now become my absolute fave (sorry coffee caramel, our fling was brief but meaningful).

I love the Vanilla and Mint Choc Huel as is, but I’ve also been experimenting with flavour boosts (with Vanilla only!) and particularly like Apple Cinnamon (tastes like apple pie), Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Spice.

I’m doing two shakes a day and then a calorie-counted dinner. I sometimes have a Huel bar (which I don’t particularly love, but they’re handy) as a snack. I’m tracking everything on My Fitness Pal.

I find Huel fills me up without the carb crash I get from some meals. It’s like a clean, steady refuelling, so great for breakfast and lunch. Plus I love the fact it’s easy to count my calories (I weigh the powder rather than just relying on the scoop).

I look forward to it too!

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Looking forward to doing this thing properly. Been dabbling for a couple of months but, with time off work, was going to knuckle down and do it properly.


Car, with 2 deliveries of Huel in (because I’d been away for work and had taken it with me to start doing one a day) was stolen so I’m over 100 pounds lighter … but not the pounds that I wanted to be lighter by though :rage:

To add insult to injury, I also had my niece’s first ever package of Huel in my car as well so she’s lost hers too :rage:

I do, thankfully, have some RTD so will start on that but it’s not been the start that I expected … or wanted!

Oh no @TashaKat, so sorry to hear that!! What a nightmare, I hope you are okay, it is a very violating and scary thing when you are burgled or have a theft.

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Thank you, it is horrible. The audacity of someone to take your things.

I’m a key worker and rely on my car to get me to the different hospitals where I work. I had a fortnight’s worth of belonging in the car because I’ve been away for 2 weeks :roll_eyes: Thankfully (silver lining?) I’m on leave at the moment so it doesn’t affect my work but it’s still really not very nice. It is very violating, it’s a horrible feeling. I’d happily hurt the person who has done it … and I’m not a violent person!

Oh bless you, how awful. Have the police found anything? Are you covered by insurance? Saying how sorry I am doesn’t feel very helpful but I feel terrible for you!

I never took any photos of myself for many years – mainly due to a deep sense of self-loathing at how much I’d let myself go. In fact the only photos I did on any regular basis was the one I have to do every 2 years for my working visa.

I’m in the process of renewing it now, so had to do a new one today and put it on a blue background (odd that they stipulate that given the image they use on the actual visa is black and white :thinking:)

Really freaked me out the change in two years – amazing what a lot of weight loss and reconstructive surgery can do for you :grinning:

I’m half expecting some sort of push back now from the immigration department on my identity :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i predicted i would be successful but the road was rocky


I’m glad to see you pulled your socks up…if not your pants.


ha ha

this was a few months in, too. this was when i was making progress.

the obligatory facial hair covering my fat face.

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Gotta say your hair is growing quickly on a Huel heavy diet.


I’m impressed gents. What does an average day look like for you both.

Also may I add I wouldn’t pull my kegs up either if I had a torso like that :joy: