Black Edition macro splits?

The release of Black Edition has thrown a slight spanner in the works for me because I don’t know what to do for my next order. I’m tempted by the macro split because I’ve heard good things about lower carb consumption; for example satiety is increased with higher protein meals meaning eating fewer calories overall, which I believe is fairly healthy. Plus there’s the fact carbs aren’t essential of course…

Usually I order 14 bags UU and 2 bags Vanilla to get max discount. I mix at a ratio of 1:8 and thats plenty sweet for me. With Black i’d have to have it much sweeter since there is no UU (why?)

I work out (HIIT) a few times a week, and swim every other day. No serious training or muscle building; I just like to exercise to keep fit and happy is all.

Is Black Edition a relatively niche product that Huel has only released in order to satiate demand? Is that demand only from people looking to gain muscle? I would like to know what the Huel nutrition team themselves think of Black’s macros, beyond just that it has been widely requested.

Basically - I see so much literature that points towards these sorts of protein levels being hugely overkill. But yet the demand exists nonetheless (enough for the huel team to create the product). What do these people know that those responsible for suggesting this macro is overkill don’t? It can’t just be a muscle building / active lifestyle thing can it? The ratio’s are too different.

Anyway, v interested to hear people’s thoughts here, Huel team included!


From what they’ve said so far, it’s about giving people more control and more flexibility over their macros.
I don’t think it’s marketed at a specific group of people and I think that a lot of people will find it beneficial but for many different reasons.

There will be people who would find it an excellent vegan protein shake for post-workout. Body builders, gym goers, athletes, or just regular active people who find this macro split more beneficial as a workout shake.
Personally if I’ve done an aerobic gym workout or even a weights session, I prefer a carb plus protein mix as this helps reduce DOMS for me personally. But lots of people prefer less carbs and more protein after a workout especially if they are aiming for weight loss or muscle gain.

I can see myself using this product on a daily basis within the following context:
-Gluten free UU Huel v3 for a balanced breakfast
-Huel black plus salad, carbs (oatcakes or rice or veg) and fruit for a healthy lunch
-Huel Black mixed 50/50 with Huel v3 for a post workout weights session
-Huel UU v3 for a post-gym aerobic workout shake
-Home cooked supper of vegetables (I find a hot, and carb heavy dinner helps me sleep)

I find it so much easier to eat only vegetables and fruits as my ‘other’ food when I’m using Huel. I find I crave fresh veg and fruit, and it’s so easy to shop for (weekly veg box delivery) and so easy to cook.
Huel Black would enable me to consume enough protein as the rest of my diet is mainly carbs. I find it time consuming cooking and preparing vegan protein sources, but it’s so quick and easy to just steam some veg :slight_smile:

I can see myself using both Huel black and v3 moving forwards
I think it gives excellent flexibility

It’s the same with v3 - everyone uses it for different reasons: weight loss, convenience, health, lifestyle choices (vegan, environmentally friendly, reduced waste) etc etc

I think it will be a popular product amongst body builders and for those who wish to do a ‘keto-hack’. But I think it will also be popular amongst vegans who only want to use Huel for part of their diet, because vegan protein sources can be expensive and time consuming, yet it’s super easy to prepare carbs and fresh veg and fruit.

My only slight ‘dissatisfaction’ with the macros in Huel Black is the large fat content - I understand the need for it: it’s calorie dense. But personally I’d rather have a little carbs and higher protein, and half as much fats!


I agree with you, bigger fan of carb+protein boosts around my workouts. Works better for me.

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Wait, what, does ordering a large number of bags at once get a discount? Or is this to do with optimizing shipping costs, for those of us who don’t get free shipping?

not sure if its that or a simple quantity discount - Julian detailed it here:

Sure, the price per bag decreases with the the increase of numbers of bags.

Yes. That is what subscriptions are all about.

Wow, I just tried that, indeed it does. It’s amazing that the website doesn’t seem to say this anywhere. Anyway, sorry for going off-topic.

I wouldn’t say that. The bulk order discount is available whether you subscribe or you don’t.

Ah, sorry. Didn’t realise. Have only used subscription orders for discounts.

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Apology accepted. [But only because it is holiday season.]


Acceptance of apology much appreciated, continuing with the holiday spirit.

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