Black Edition Unflavoured & Unsweetened souring

Hi all this past week I’ve mostly been using Black U&U and noticed something odd. I normally make two Huel shakes at a time in the blender and leave one in the refrigerator for lunch or dinner. Ordinarily when I do this with other powders, the taste seems fine even its left for 6 -8 hours but with this one the taste seems to sour very quickly. When drunk straight after mixing its fine but left even for as little as 4 hours its becoming sour and I had one yesterday that was left 6 hours and was almost undrinkable.

I’ve never had this issue with v3 U&U – anyone else noticed this?

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Maybe it’s due to the protein source and the added sugar…and just masked by a flavour addition. If there is no masking it might be more pronounced…Huel Black Edition does have a better texture, but unfortunately the taste is weird…

Hey Phil, thanks for posting that, will be interesting to see if any others have had this. I’ll check in with the technical team, what was the batch number?

You’re saying that perhaps Phil is used to the taste of the flavoured Black Edition, so UU tastes different?

Hi Tim - batch number is 20657A. This is the second bag of Black UU I’ve had - didn’t notice this effect before to be honest. The taste is fine when drunk straight away - it just doesn’t seem to like to be left for later :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil, this isn’t something we’ve seen a trend in our complaints, but it’s one we would want to note for future. If you haven’t already, can you please get in touch with the Customer Experience team via email? They can track this complaint through our system and make sure it’s logged in case future complaints arise. Thank you!

How long the bag has been opened for? How long have you been storing it for?

Bought and stored since 2 months and been open about a week. Once opened, I always keep bags in the refrigerator - curse of living in the tropics - have to do this with just about anything food related to keep the bugs at bay, but have always done this with Huel powders so doubt thats an issue.

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