Black V1.1 Sweeter?

Suspect those of us perplexed by the sweetness of 1.1 may be able to solve the problem by mixing in Huel Black Unflavoured & Unsweetened (will be ordering some to try this out).

Also worth noting that the type of sweetener remains the same, but is more intense.

I do that with V3 Original - I like the taste of Original but the new version is too sweet for me. I’ve found a 60/40 split of UU/Original makes a nice, easily palatable drink. On the upside of Originals’ sweetness - it makes a great cream replacement in cooking :slight_smile:

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken! This is so annoying, I loved the previous vanilla Huel because it was neutral - so unique amongst the entire industry of disgusting tasting shakes. Now after the change it’s sweeter and it’s maddening. If you want sugar, put the sugar in you idiot…you CAN add but you can’t take away. Another shake ruined :frowning:


Maybe you want to try UU…

I couldn’t agree more.

In case I haven’t thanked you before, @Phil_C , for the 60/40 tip, I thank you now. I’ll be trying that out in the next few days.

I’ve been properly knocked off my Huel-horse by the downgrade to v. 3.0 “Original”. Blending might be fine, but I only have a small kitchen, in a small house, and it’s starting to get ridiculous in there. In the space of a few days, I’ve gone from having ONE bag of the ONE Huel product I’ve been basically living on for the past 3+ years to having THREE bags of savoury on the go, plus ONE bag of Black Chocolate, plus soon ONE bag of UU and ONE bag of v.3.0. Oh, and I have a bag still unopened of Vanilla, too. If things keep going like this, you’ll soon be seeing me on “Britains Worst Hoarders”, picking my way along a narrow path through my house, with precariously towering piles of Huel sacks on all sides…

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I had a Black vanilla Huel made for me by my better half yesterday. I thought she’d done it wrong somehow… Same again this morning… I check and discover that it was a new bag, one of these v1.1 ones. I didn’t realise there had been an update.

WTAF, I just can’t believe it, absolutely awful, it’s utterly ruined what was a great product before.

Seriously, what feedback have Huel sought and from who before releasing this? I’ve been drinking 2/3 Vanilla Black Huels per day since it first came out… a pretty satisfied and loyal customer I would describe myself as… I didn’t even get a notification to tell me it was changing to v1.1… let alone any opportunity to give any feedback. Or I might add, any opportunity to taste the new version before committing to my usual subscription.

This is an absolute clanger from Huel… I’ve now got 2 bags worth of crap I cannot stomach.


The exact same thing happened to me with the shift from Original 2.1 to Original 3.0. They’re like chalk and cheese. I’ve been drinking the former 1-2 times a day for almost three years with a subscription order coming in monthly. Like you, I got no notification of the change, and have ended up with bags of vile stuff I just can’t stomach.

I’m a huge Huel fan, and they have been historically superb at customer service. However, I agree that these downgrades in product and flavour, with no prior notifications, are absolute corporate clangers.


I think it was not meant evil, quite the contrary, they wanted to improve something for the customers. And the willingness to make products better and improve is a good feature I think. Just see it that way: The formula will likely be changed again soon, as it is changed relatively often, and maybe those changes make it a superior product for you again.
And regarding taste you still have options how to improve the powder you have now. You could combine it with UU and/or add flavour boosts or flavour drops. That way the taste should change significantly, and you have the control about how sweet you want to have it.


Like some of the previous posters, I’m also disappointed by this change. After trying many Huel products, Vanilla Black Huel was by far my favourite. However, the new version is way too sweet for me. I’ll make the switch to UU for my next order, but it’s annoying to be stuck with two bags of this ‘improved’ Black Huel…


You can mix both products 50:50. That way it will be less sweet.
Here are some other tipps on how to neutralize sweetness:
https:// www.thespruceeats. com/how-to-save-a-dish-thats-too-sweet-4174554

If anyone prefers the new sweetened version of Black Edition Vanilla 1.1, they could post here. So far the topic risks being a bit of an echo chamber, since only negative reports (including from me) have appeared.

I have some that arrived in my latest bulk delivery but haven’t opened it yet (I’m still one or two bags away from that) so will report in when I try it. It’s worth noting that the sweetness (and any added flavours) of any Huel also mellows and reduces when the shake has been stood a while in the refrigerator as the powder is fully absorbed by the liquid.


I love it!

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What is your opinion on Black Edition U/U?

Have just tried Black Edition U/U mixed 50/50 with updated Black Edition Vanilla V1.1, and am pleased to say that the mix tastes good.

Gone is the excessive sweetness of the unmixed Vanilla V1.1, replaced by a slightly medicinal quality, but not unpleasant.

As always, it was left in the fridge for 6+ hours before consumption. The difference this makes is so great that I sometimes wonder if the diversity of perceptions of product tastes is also down to the fact that some (Huel Black especially, imo) require hours before the flavour settles, but then become far better than perhaps many realise.

Have yet to try BE U/U on its own.

I received my monthly shipment of Huel Black recently, I just made my first drink of the new bag and I spat it into the sink because I thought it had gone off. It has this really weird synthetic plastic taste. I had no idea that they were changing the flavor. I really wish they hadn’t, Huel Black Vanilla was 100% perfect.

This is a big disappointment since Huel was quickly becoming a big part of my diet and I was completely satisfied as is. Is there a way to continue ordering Black Vanilla V1? I can’t stand this new flavor and neither can my girlfriend.

Thank you in advance


Perhaps you could try UU with the flavour boost…or flavour drops.

I tried blending and leaving it in the fridge both seem to help a bit. I think that the flavor is closer to the ready to drink version now. I cant tell for the chocolate but i hope it is- I haven’t ordered chocolate black edition since my first ever order late last year- it tasted too plasticky. Ive added it to my next subscription, hopefully v1.1 has addressed this.
if not…
I might consider UU, it cant be hard to just enhance the flavour myself. cinnamon, caocao powder preanuts, real bananas, dark chocolate, real coffee

I might consider adding in a scoop of dymatize chocolate protein powder - they’ve got their chocolate on point! that way ill get the best of huel’s health benefits and if im gonna have a protein shake anyway that day, i might aswell add it in right?

I’ve just had my first try if the new Vanilla Black :cry: Far too sweet and with an odd aftertaste. May have to try mixing it with u/u - such a shame, it was perfect before

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