Bottom of the bag makes me sick?

I basically live half my life on Huel Hot & Savory Chicken Mushroom.

One thing i noticed recently is that if I scoop from the bottom of the bag (when the bag is running out) then i get fatigue and a headache.

Could there be impurities or metallic bits ending up at the bottom of the Huel Hot & Savory bag??

E.g. i’m wondering if the toxin concentration is higher once the consumer gets to the bottom of the bag?

[California Proposition 65 & Huel Products](https://Prop 65)

Shaking the bag up before scooping will ensure that what’s at the bottom and what’s at the top will be exactly the same. That way you won’t notice any difference.

Try storing the bag upside down sometimes, that should also help. :+1:

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You need to scoop less frenetically. A gentle wrist action will hopefully solve your problem.

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Specifically i’m wondering if gravity is to blame. As the bag is used, the metallic fragments make their way to the bottom. And hence, the last couple scoops have a higher concentration of toxins.

Yeah like I say if gravity’s to blame (isn’t it always?) you should shake up and invert the bag, or decant the contents and do likewise if that’s easier. I think resistance to gravity is a good maxim for life.

Hey there, no I don’t think this is an issue. The prop 65 guidelines are very strict and not necessarily based on the best evidence available, which is why they haven’t been adopted outside of California.

As others have said, make sure you give your bag a good shake each time and see if that resolves your issue.

I will do that now yes.

But what is the active ingredient that i’m hoping to dilute by shaking the bag?

I guess you’re homogenising the whole thing, so every scoopful is equivalent.

Not that I believe there’s any gravity-assist in the powders. H&S definitely, but powder, nah.

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Different ingredients provide different nutritional benefits, flavours and textures so it’s about providing consistency for each of your H&S meals.

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