Breakfast ideas 1.0


Trying this for breakfast, kiwi, Mango, spinach, kale and 2 scoops


Not down my alley, but any good?


Yeah it wasn’t too bad tbh, full of goodness and lots of energy so good for the start of the day. Well tell a lie I went to the gym first then had that so, was very good :slight_smile:️.

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I have 90g of Vanilla and 10g of raw cacao powder most mornings. Works well for me.


Very nice, I’m just trying different mixtures atm.

I’ve wondered what Huel would be like blended with fruit/greens… Got to be healthy… I haven’t tried it though.

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Evening Africorn,

So I regularly use berries just for an extra kick, I’ve never really used green veggies in drinks before so I thought I’d just give it a blast, lots of energy and really sorted me out for the day.

I did roughly about two handfuls, I had to just grit and bare it so I’m thinking I should have added more.


I imagine a banana or something else sweet in the blend would disguise the greens a little :slightly_smiling_face:

Just trial and error really, unfortunately I’m allergic to Banana. :tired_face:

Oh, that’s a bummer :slightly_frowning_face: Plenty of other fruit to try though, most not quite as starchy as bananas…

Banana with a spoon of peanut butter works well in a blender.


Stop teasing me with the banana :rofl:


Shouldn’t that be common sense? Never tease someone with your banana?


:joy::rofl: hahahaha legend

Huel + peanut butter + dried apricots + cinnamon …blended. It’s a winner I promise!:yum:

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I’d soak the apricots overnight. They’d blend more easily. Mind you, dried apricots here are half-reconstituted anyway.

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Oooo that seems very interesting, maybe not the cinnamon. But I’m open to ideas so will give it a go!!!