Breakfast-skipper - does it matter?

I started a breakfast-skipping habit about 3 years ago and find it helpful in managing weight, plus I have a bit more time at the start of the day. I eat between 12 noon and 8pm each day. When I started, I enjoyed a green smoothie at noon, then had solid food between 6pm and 8pm. I’ve switched to Huel for the noon-meal as it’s quicker and cheaper. I find it ok and will probably stick in this pattern, perhaps having hurl in the evening too if I want to lose weight.

Which is how something like this becomes international news.

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They do say that breakfast should be your best meal of the day - breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper - or some other gubbings like that…

Having said that I normally couldn’t face breakfast until I started HUEL,except on maybe a weekend when it would be later (mid morning) before I ate but now I make a double portion of HUEL first thing, have 1/2 for breakfast at home and then the remainder for my lunch …

I never have break fast just my 2 scoops of huel for lunch and a healthy dinner.

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I wonder if it’s a sign that you have eaten too much in the evening or eaten too late. Sometimes, when I have had a big meal later than normal, I don’t have much of an appetite at breakfast; but if I eat a moderate dinner early, then by breakfast I am starving hungry.

I guess I was always one for skipping calories thinking that I would lose weight faster but then falling in the trough when I finally did loosen the corset strings… Im now finding that well spaced out HUEL during the day caters for my appetite and I am a lot more restrained in the evening when I have ‘normal’ food

There’s no evidence “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. I’ve skipped breakfast for the last few years and find it better:

  • the digestive system has a decent rest (see 16/8 intermittent fasting topic)
  • it de-stresses getting ready for work
  • it’s easier to avoid over-eating.

There is evidence to support both sides of the argument, that 16/8 fasting & skipping breakfast to do this is beneficial but also that regular balanced meals throughout the day have a stabilising effect on blood sugar too although you will not experience ketosis as you do with 16/8, 5-2, keto or atkins diet etc if you eat carbohydrates regularly throughout the day as part of a ‘normal’ balanced diet.

The problem with proclaiming superiority of one diet or eating regime over another is the you can only ever really speak for what works for you & your body, & everyone’s system & chemistry is different so that a variety of approaches can be taken by different individuals & they will all be healthy & feel great & may think their way is the best. Some people thrive on vegan or vegetarian diets in a way they never did on meat & dairy, others find the paleo or atkins diet with lots of meat & very little carbs suit them best… Exactly what you are eating is as important as when or how often & there are so many individual factors towards good health & lifestyle that it’s impossible to just proscribe one way & say this will be best for everyone.

I graze on my huel throughout the day, sometimes with a bit of real food thrown in there, sometimes not til dinnertime when I always have a proper meal unless I’ve had a big lunch, but what I find so great about huel is that it is so versatile, you can consume it how you want & when you want cos its so convenient, & the users on this forum & the experiences they post reflect this.

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