Burping sensation when drinking Huel?

Does anyone else get a feeling in their throat/oesophagus like the need to burp whilst actually drinking Huel? I don’t know if that is an acid reflux type thing but it can make it quite hard to finish a drink sometimes.

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I did the very first time…think I was drinking it too quickly, and was worried about finishing it. Slowed down and now no problems. I also hated the taste the very first time (of the current vanilla) and I was worried I’d hate the product. There was a significant strange aftertaste.

Inexplicably, I never experienced that again either, and the taste is actually quite pleasant. I always use a high speed blender not a shaker.

I’ve been using Huel for about two weeks now and always get it when I drink Huel. I drink it very slowly and use a blender too! Although saying that I don’t get it when I’ve made more of a sorbet type thing and eaten if with a spoon so maybe it’s to do with swallowing air whilst drinking?

same issue here