Buying Huel products on the fly!

Alongside my monthly delivery of Huel I like to pick up the odd RTD in my local Sainsbury’s however, they never seem to have stock of the chocolate and they don’t seem to be selling the banana flavour yet.

After having the Coffee Huel Bar I also wanted another, so again I checked Sainsburys and all they sold were two flavours (Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel).

Is anyone else finding this in their local stores that sale Huel products?

Whenever I’ve gone to get RTD I have found you could only get two flavours too. Maybe this is something they’re working on, or perhaps it depends on the size of the store/the stock agreement between Huel and Sainsburys?

Don’t know about you but I’d personally like to see RTD/Huel Bars expand to different stores. For me stock in Tesco would be great as that’s my closest supermarket.

Yep, my local Sainsbury’s never stocks the full range of either the bars or RTD. They only ever stock 2 RTDs.

They do have a label for the Chocolate RTD and I did manage to get it once but they are always sold out.

Sorry that ou can’t find the Huel RTD/Bar you’re after! Ideally we would have all flavours everywhere but as @anon40342979 has said it depends on the store.

I believe that all stores only stock 2 flavours, it used to be Chocolate and Choc Orange I believe but then we swapped them out. Just testing sales performance I guess.

RTD is a similar story, but I will double check. I’m unsure whether any Sainsbury’s are stocking Banana RTD right now, but I think soon you will start to see Banana RTD joining the range in BP garages. For now, check out our store locator.

Or you can add individual bottles to your next subscription through the account area!

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Thanks Tim, That’s what i’m doing however, as you know, you can only add 1 bottle to your order when ideally I want 2-4.

I know I can add a box but I just can’t afford it hence why the purchases with my purchases when I go shopping.

you can also buy individual bars and bottles on Ocado - I believe James also posted that he had bought them at a Spar at his local petrol station - not sure if thats a nationwide thing.

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Ah of course. I’ve just caught up with our Head of Sales and we’re working on getting Banana RTD into Sainsbury’s but it comes from the top and a great way to make it happen is to ask for it! So if you’re active on Twitter then tweet them, or email them (although I don’t know the best email address!), if their customers want it then eventually they could stock it!

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Just got onto Twitter and did this!

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You legend! Thank you!

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I’ve just seen this post as I’m new to the forum. The main Sainsbury’s store where I am stocks the chocolate and vanilla RTD in the chiller. Personally I’m not a fan, I prefer to take out a BE made up shake with some ice in it, but just thought I’d give an update. I haven’t seen any bars.

I think that Sainsbury’s discontinued the bars, I know they have dried up in my local store. They only ever had two flavours though both of which I wasn’t fond of.

30 secs in the microwave and they will be fine.