CabbieOO7 Huel Weight Loss Challenge

Started on Huel Black 13th July 2020
Weight 301.3lbs
First Goal 210lbs
Second Goal 176.3lbs

Vlogging on -

Huel Black with 2 scoops & 2 Shakes per day

Day 17 -12.4lbs

Loving it :grinning:


Great to have you on the team. Will check out your YouTube videos, but keep us posted here too!

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4 weeks in lost -15.7 pounds.
Cheat meals included
Huel Black 2 shakes per day with 2 level scoops per shake.

We need more flavours for Huel Black please

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Contacted Brandbassador, they said they no longer affiliated with Huel?
Advised to contact Huel direct.

How can I do this?


I just used my Brandbassador account to withdraw a discount code for Huel and worked fine?

Hey there, no that’s not right we absolutely are working with them. What were you contacting them about? Your YouTube videos?

Would you mind messaging me privately with screenshots of the messages from Brandbassador? Just click my icon and press the blue ‘Message’ button in the top right.

How are you sticking to it? I had my black Huel delivered yesterday and I tried it and like the original Huel it is so bland and lacking in any taste.

My plan was 8 weeks of Huel and nothing else. I will not be able to stick to one day, my taste buds need some enjoyment.

My original Huel ended up going in the bin after going off as I never drank it after the first time of trying it.

why didn’t you just try experimenting adding other things to it then? there are so many options you can try - many posts on here with people recommending different ingredients/flavourings. I would hazard a guess that there is a significant amount of users who do this rather than drinking it ‘neat’.

Aside from all the fresh ingredients you could add - to maintain convenience there are a lot of powdered options too:

PB2, ginger, cacao, turmeric, beetroot, acai, anise, chilli, matcha, tart cherry, mushroom, liquorice, blueberry, cranberry, coffee, broccoli, vanilla, tomato, carrot, orange, spinach and strawberry.

Then of course - there’s all the Huel flavour boosts.

If I planned to only eat one thing for eight weeks, I wouldn’t pick something I knew I hated.

It is a good point, I thought the black would have more flavour :grinning:

I guess Huel is a blank canvas for taste, I shall experiment with flavouring it.

Thanks Phil I shall try some of your suggestions and sorry to hijack the thread Cabbie007.