Calories added by using flavouring

Hi everyone. I’m thinking of trying Huel.

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere. I couldn’t see it. I read the info about the sample flavour pouches and noticed that the nutritional info said approx 300 cals per 100g. Does adding flavour add this many cals to your 500 cal Huel drink or is that meaning that 100g of Huel with the flavour is 300 cals? I reckon I might need some added flavour if I’m going to do this but I need to make sure I stay calorie controlled. Sorry if I’m being really dumb.

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks


The whole sachet is 150g and will have 450 cals.

You will use about 2g each time about 6 cals

Using 2g (half a teaspoon-ish) of flavouring is plenty. I just used the Chocolate flavouring for the first time (2g) and it was enough to add flavour to 100g of Vanilla Huel without being overpowering.

Great! Thanks for your help guys! Think I’ll get a sample pack with my first order and go from there. I assume each sample is just enough to add to one serving?

@sarah87 - yes each sample sachet contains 2-3g, which is one portion of each flavour. I’m going to order Rhubarb & Custard for my next order in a week or so.

Rhubarb and custard is the one I’m most drawn to for sure! Haha