I was looking at the article “Hit your goals” on the Huel website and it said the following:

" So, I can get my calories from anywhere, and anything?

In theory, yes, but calories from junk food won’t fill you up and will lack nutritional value."

How does this work?

Because I was thinking about a chocolate bar I was eating the other day. The whole bar was a shocking 1098 calories and I eat it all of course.

But how can I easily eat a 1100 calorie chocolate bar but 1100 calorie Huel sounds absolutely not doable?

I’ve always thought junk food would fill you up more than healthy food. Is that not true?

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Energy density. Chocolate is very energy dense, so you can fit a lot of energy in a small bar. You can get your entire day’s energy needs from that bar.

To get the same energy from lettuce, you’d need to eat 10 kg.

Huel is saying that junk food fills your “gas tank” fast, but it doesn’t satiate your feelings of hunger.


It’s to do with the nutrients that you are eating and their release time. This is best exemplified comparitivly between wholegrain pasta and dextrose. Dextrose will be synthesised quicker so you get energy quicker but it lasts for a shorter period of time. Wholegrain pasta co times complex carbohydrates which need to be synthesised for a longer period of time and release energy over a longer period of time. This therefore leaves you feeling fuller for longer but with less the amount of calories.


But chocolate is more energy dense you say, then it does satiate better than a lettuce right?

I mean, a lettuce would leave me hungry but a chocolate bar obviously not because of the amount of calories…

How about 10kg of lettuce? :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:

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I think 10kg of lettuce would still leave me hungry :rofl: but I’m not about to try it lol

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my opinion is that kcals is not the full story at all.

its a single measurement.

so many other factors.

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But if you drink slowly it should be okay, that’s something I have noticed

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Calories are just units of energy - they’re nothing to do with how filling something is. A bottle of wine can have 650 calories, but that won’t fill you up like a 650 calorie meal.


It would be about 20 whole lettuces. :yum: :rofl:

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