Do the bars keep you as full as the shakes?

I love Huel and am having good weight loss progress but was thinking about getting some bars and having one as either my breakfast or lunch huel.

What I want to know is whether people have felt the nice full “I’ve just had a meal” feeling after one bar? I get that feeling after a one-scoop shake which is fewer calories than a bar.

I’m only “allowed” 1100 cal/day to lose weight so I really don’t want to be wasting 250 of that on something that’s going to leave me starving… the inner greedy girl in me is fighting to come out and I’m worried I’m going to get bored of liquid meals. The granola is no good for me as I don’t drink milk and can’t have most of the milk alternatives because of allergies :frowning:

Any experiences appreciated!

It doesnt satisfies me as the joylent bar used to fill me… I would love to see a bigger huel bars version

In my opinion, yes. I divide one bar into maybe 8 pieces, chew well and eat it really slowly. Often half a bar is enough to stop me feeling hungry. Be sure to drink plenty of water. I get the Cocoa and Orange flavour and love them! They’re great for train journeys or when I’m out and about and making and drinking a shake could be awkward. I usually have a 2-scoop shake as a meal, so it could be different for bigger people who need a 3-scoop shake to feel satisfied.

I took the bars to a music festival with me (to stop me spending a fortune on festival food). I found them perfect as a breakfast and lunch replacement, filled me up and kept me going!


I regarded the bars as snacks when I tried them.

Have you tried cashew milk? That is lovely and creamy on the granola. Hemp milk is good too, and allergies are rare to that.

Speaking of the granola, try it with a crumbled up Huel bar and add a chopped up banana for a real treat.

That’s what I’m afraid of!

I can’t have nuts so no cashew milk. I do have soya milk in tea but I don’t like it on cereal really! I haven’t ever tried hemp milk, I’ll look into that, thanks.

I would advise that the bars taste very different to the powder - I found them completely unpalatable.